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One Life To Live -- August 13, 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

David and Dorian become victim of a tabloid muckraker

David's producer Jo turns out to be a tricky little witch out to stir up trouble between David and Dorian to make her show a success. First, she gets David to talk about the characteristics of great villains and because David doesn't mention who he's talking about it's going to appear to Dorian that David is talking about her. When I saw the preview on the previous episode even I thought David was trashing Dorian without seeing the scene in its entirety. Then she goes to Dorian and asks her to talk about how she felt being forced to resign from the senate and Dorian makes similar comments that David will think are about him. Then she can play the edited footage for David and Dorian and really rev their anger up against each other. To further rev things up, Jo insists that Rama, as the other woman, should also be included in the show. She also tells David's cameraman Leo that he now works for her, meaning when David and Dorian start going at it, she'll tell him what to tape. To further coerce Leo she seems to even promise him sexual favors to be on Team Jo.

After filming her footage for Jo, Dorian went over to see Viki and encouraged her to put the video of drunk Clint on the Banner online site. She doesn't want to be embarrassed by having Clint as Man Of The Year after his drunken escapades.She's hoping the Veteran's will drop kick Clint before the party is set to take place honoring Clint. Dorian reveals that Clint in not so many words threatened to pull his two million dollar contribution if they dropped him as Man Of The Year. This just convinces Viki to put the video up.

Michelle either has short term memory or she's a complete psycho but she sits down with Dani acting all friendly, after several days of trying to cause trouble for Dani because of her involvement with Arturo. When Dani gets up and walks away, wanting nothing to do with her, she calls her a bitch. Sorry honey but the only bitch around here is you.

Speaking of obscenities, during the Blair and Tea scene they were both saying quite a few of them that got sound edited out. I guess that's because of online viewer's complaints about the language. It didn't really bother me that much. Apparently shit was considered to foul to say, but the word bitch wasn't edited out, which I think is a lot dirtier than the word shit, which is pretty tame. But hey, it's just a word that insults women, so why should it be considered obscene.

When I used to work at a nursing home and had to walk to it in the Winter, to take my mind off the cold I would either sing or really start thinking of things. One day I came to the horrifying realization that most if not all of the curse words are insults to women. Even the ones that are supposed to insult a man are words that have a nasty meaning about women. I obviously can't mention them here, but I'll give an example. We all know the name men are called which is what illegitimate children are called. Well when you think of it's meaning it means a woman that had a child out of wedlock. So if you call a man that word you're ultimately insulting his mother.

Now the word shit can't be an insult aimed at a woman, so it was considered too unclean to be hear even by people watching online, so it was muted. But as I said before bitch was clearly heard several times and it's no coincidence that that is a word used to insult women.

Speaking of Blair and Tea, Tea was a real cow to Blair. She even threw her out because just looking at her reminds her of her heartbreak and woe. She also labelled Blair an idiot for being with Todd when she revealed the ring she was hiding under a larger ring. When are they going to end this ridiculous friendship between these two. She's been nothing but nasty to Blair throughout this entire thing.

I will say this, Blair is being written a lot better than Tea. All she does is lay on her sofa in the fetal position, guzzling booze with the blanket over her head thinking of her beloved Victor. Meanwhile Blair is concerned about her kids. And Tea's daughter Dani got targeted by these people and nearly died.

I remember back in the days of One Life To Live on ABC when Tea was the one who got the preferential writing because the EP and headwriter were in love with the character of Tea, while Blair got nothing. It took awhile but what goes around finally comes around.

Cutter goes over to see Clint and tries to be nice, but Clint isn't in the mood for doing nice. Which ends up with Cutter storming out vowing to give Clint what he so richly deserves. When Clint notices that Natalie is friendly with Cutter her urges her to please not get involved with him. Too late, Clint, she already is. He's been to the top of the mountain and he's already seen the view.

Nora calls Clint to tell him about Drew and he rushes over. As he's leaving he digs Viki about it not being her concern what happened because she's no longer family. Then Matthew gets his nose out of joint when Clint makes a remark about that makes him feel him bad being a dead beat daddy. Apparently, he bought into Michelle's BS about what a good daddy he was a little too much, when everyone knows what a horrible father he is.

Speaking of Michelle she shows up and suggests Matthew needs to get away from the hospital and his worry over Drew. She's hinting at him to take her to the gala, which she bragged Matthew was taking her to. Then Jeffrey of the tattooed foot shows up. Neither are happy when Matthew and Destiny embrace when they learn Drew is fine and can go home.

Nora's curious about just how Matthew met Michelle. If she wants the real story, she needs to ask Dani. I'd love to see Nora's reaction to the new her baby boy's latest girlfriend is a lying cyber catfish that has stalked and lied to him countless times.


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