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One Life To Live -- August 15, 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

Clint gets dumped again

Once the video of drunken Clint goes viral it isn't long before the veteran's group is calling Clint to tell him they've dumped him as Man Of The Year. They don't happen to mention they've decided to offer the honor to Bo, instead. To make matters worse Bo decides to accept the offer.

Matthew almost catches Jeffrey in Clint's office going through his desk. He's counting the pills he's got left in his pill bottle. It turns out Jeffrey has been tampering with Clint's meds and the drinking plus the meds are what's causing Clint to act like he currently is.

It turns out he's doing it on his mention, Carl's behest. It also turns out that Carl [if not in charge of the Tattooed Terror] is a highly placed member of the Tattooed Terror. Even worse, Allison Perkins is his sister. He reveals that Clint was about to blow their group apart and he had to be stopped, and that's why they're targeting Clint. The question is what Clint knows about this group and is he a member of it?

Jeffrey meeting Matthew in London was no accident. It turns out that was just another assignment from Carl. Carl is very pleased that Jeffrey has gotten so close to Viki and wants to make sure Jeffrey isn't going soft. Jeffrey assures him he isn't.

Carl also reveals that Todd is going to be walking into a trap when he goes to try and rescue Victor and Allison will then have both Lord boys in her clutches. I'm guessing here, but I'm guessing the reason the Tattooed Terrors wanted Todd to kill Victor was so they'd have something on Todd to control him.

What Carl's ultimate plan is for Llanview still remains a mystery. A big question is if Carl was also being orchestrating Dorian being forced to resign from the senate. Dorian said someone came to her with information. Maybe she was another of the Tattooed Terrors. For some reason did they group want Dorian out of the senate? Whatever the case, Carl sees Dorian about to enter the gala without an escort and offers to be her date.

Dani and Michelle have another bad moment in their already tension filled relationship when both end up in the same dress at the gala. Dani doesn't seem to think it was any mistake and Michelle did it on purpose and I definitely wouldn't put it past her.

Viki goes to Clint worried about him. She finds him drinking like a fish, again. She tells him she loves him, but says she doesn't want to get back together with him. Clint asks who replaced him as Man Of The Year and Viki tells him it's Bo. Clint acts while Viki is there that he's fine with it, but the moment Viki is out the door Clint goes ballistic. He seems to think the whole arresting him was all part of Bo's master plan to steal the Man Of The Year from him.

Cutter and Natalie make-up and she promises to talk to Clint when he settles down to get Diego the settlement he wants to pay for his pain and suffering from Clint's attack.

Tea attends the gala with Dean. She reveals to him she knows he's a drug dealer and that nothing of a romantic adventure will happen between them. I know she's got the whole client/attorney privilege so legally she can't tell Blair she's got a drug dealer hooked up to her club. Still it would be nice if someone would tell Blair what was going on.

Speaking of Tea and Blair, the fake friendship was back on and it was like Tea never snarled and threw her out of her house. It seems that's the pattern for this so-called friendship. Tea is nasty and abusive to Blair and Blair overlooks it so the fake friendship can continue on as before. Maybe Blair puts up with her garbage for the kid's sake, since because of the two brothers they're lives are intrinsically linked with each other and it's either spit and snarl at each other or find a way to get along for the kids sake.

As the final two episodes air next week and the show creeps to its finale, anything could happen next, especially at this gala. All these people together in the same room is not a good mix. In the previews, Nikki tells Natalie she and Cutter have been screwing and Matthew tells Dani to leave his poor wittle catfish alone, so it looks like the little troublemaker has caused more trouble.

The gala is also where Dorian and David will be in the same room for the first time. Dorian will be with the conniving Carl Peterson while David is with the equally conniving Jo. Add Rama to the mix and it doesn't sound pretty. You also have Tea playing the cougar with much younger Dean. Will she discover that Dani has gone in the opposite direction and is out with a man much older than she is? Is this also the night that Blair will finally be clued in on some of the goings on that Cutter and his boys have going on under her nose at her club. And what of Clint? He's hopped up on drugs that are affecting his behavior. In his current state of mind could he come to the gala and try to kill Bo for taking away his Man Of The Year Award?

As for Jeffrey, he doesn't actually seem happy doing what he's doing. When everyone learns what he's done he's bound to lose all his friends. We he ultimately turn against his mentor Carl to try and stop this group from whatever it's got going. Since these Tattooed Terrors seem almost like some bizarre cult, is it possible that the real boss in charge could be Mitch Williams? After all, it was Mitch that turned mousy Alison Perkins into the monster she became. Could her brother have been similarly influenced by Mitch Williams?

Whatever the case, I give the show kudos. With losing Roger Howarth they needed another actor of his caliber to lead the action and they found it in Ron Raines.


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