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One Life To Live -- August 20, 2013

Updated on August 19, 2013

The Catfish just can't leave Dani alone

This was the episode the nasty little Catfish showed her true colors to Dani, but the dumb dweeb she's dating still can't see her for what she is.

The Catfish showing up at the gala in the same dress as Dani was no coincidence. When they ran into each other earlier, she went and got the same exact dress so she could cause trouble with Dani. Dani calls her on it when the Catfish sidles up to her. Dani also tells her she knows the Catfish wants to get everyone out of Matthew's life he's close to so she can have him all to herself. She even predicts what the Catfish will do next. That she'll go and say Dani is being mean to her and that's exactly what she does, sending Matthew in protective boyfriend as he attacks Dani and tells her to leave his precious wittle Catfish alone.

But insulting Dani isn't enough for the little jerk, he goes over and outs Dani to Tea. I can only hope Dani returns the favor and tells Nora every truthful detail about his precious little Catfish. Let's see how he likes it when he gets a taste of his own medicine. He gets zero sympathy since he's the one that is foisting this nasty Catfish on everyone around him. Hope he enjoys it when she totally trashes his life and he has no one but her nasty self after he alienates everyone in his life.

Tea already didn't like Dani being with Arturo when Dani passed him off as Briana's uncle, but when Matthew the rat tells her that Arturo was Briana's sugar daddy and Dani is his date, she goes ballistic. She storms over in full banshee mode and grabs Arturo telling him to take his hands off her daughter. Dani fires back about Tea being with a much younger man. They have to break it up and sit down with their perspective dates when everyone is told to take their seat.

Jo secretly films Dorian with Carl and when David notices she tells him it's all to make David look like the victim. When no one wants to bid on Dorian's portrait, Carl pays $100,000 for it making her a major fan of his. During his keynote address, Carl talking about how the vets serve to preserve out safety makes Blair think of Todd and she starts crying. Jeffrey sees this and is bothered by it. So he may not be as dedicated to the cause as Carl is. This isn't the first time Jeffrey has shown guilt and remorse over the pain he's causing people. And that's not an attitude a zealot has.

Nikki the bartender is a jealous little cat and she can't stand seeing Cutter with Natalie, so she tells Natalie that Cutter is also sleeping with her. Then she pours a red drink all over Natalie's white dress. When Cutter says she's fired, she fires back she's so not fire. No doubt because she knows about all the various dirty dealings Cutter is doing at the club.

Bo isn't happy to see Destiny show up as Jeffrey's date. He was pinning hopes on his dirtwad son getting together with her. I guess Destiny was just supposed to sit back and faithfully wait why said dirtwad had relationship after relationship until he found his way back to her. Sorry, Commish, but your loser son has got exactly the type of woman he deserves in the Catfish.

Speaking of the Catfish, I'm so sick of her going on about what a good father Matthew is because he thought to ask if Drew was okay. Then for the little jerk to demur the compliment. He knows he's a dead beat daddy who until recently didn't even acknowledge the kid. It's why I hope the dirtwad gets exactly what he's got coming from his little Catfish.

I was wondering why a drunken Clint was making out a check. It was to bribe Diego, the doorman he punched, into letting him slip into the gala. When Bo took the stage to accept the award, Clint emerged on stage and pushed Bo out off the stage, grabbing the Man Of The Year cup from him and proceeding to tell everyone, "Screw you!" At least he doesn't seem to have come with a gun. In Clint's whacked out condition and thinking Bo has been plotting against him to steal his Man Of The Year award, anything was possible.

At the gala Carl also spent some time with Viki as she showed him around the room and introduced him to people. Not sure who Carl has his sights set on: Dorian or Viki. Although buying Dorian's portrait got him major kudos with Dorian.

While Arturo was sitting with Dani he got a phone call that seemed to make him a bit edgy. He excused himself to take it in private. Could he be another of the Tattooed Terrors? It's like they're a cult and they're coming to take over Llanview or something. What would really be nice is if Arturo was an undercover agent secretly working to take down the Tattooes Terrors.

When Tea went all banshee all over Arturo, I also thought I saw some sparks there. It would be interesting if something developed between the two and he went after someone his own age for a change. Anything to get her to stop yapping about her precious Victor.

Jack snuck in Kate's classroom and the two went on it on her desk. She kept her shoes on. I wanted to take a look at her foot to see if might also have a tattoo on her foot. It seems the ones that have a tattoo on their forearms are foot soldiers, while the ones with the tattoo hidden are covert operatives. Still think the whole way Jack got involved with her was beyond fishy.

Finally, what is Clint going to do next now that he's hijacked the awards portion of the gala. Can someone stop him before his life is completely trashed?


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