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One Life To Live -- August 6, 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

Todd says his goodbyes

Most of this episode involved Todd saying goodbye to his loved ones. Remember when Victor did the same thing and Tea had to force him to say his goodbyes to them? And Victor left to protect himself while Todd is leaving to protect everyone he loves. And that's why this stuff about Victor being some blameless victim and Todd the evil bad guy is so bogus. The one person Victor cares about first, last and always is himself. It's a shame the family he stole from Todd can't see that.

Tea was thankfully only in one scene and it wasn't a good scene. Florencia Lozano displayed some very bad acting. She glanced at the not for two seconds, not really time to even read it or even react it and started wailing about her poor Victor. She didn't even ask if Todd was going to do what the note demanded to keep her child safe. All she cared about was her poor Victor. I guess that's what makes her such a perfect match for Victor. All either care about is Victor and everyone else can rot.

The first person that Todd went to say goodbye to was Viki. One of the reasons I was glad Roger Howarth came back is a lot of the important relationships he had as Todd got drop kicked because Trevor St. John just couldn't bring the same thing to the table. One of those relationships was the wonderful relationship with Todd and Viki. They just have this great chemistry and it comes from the scenes they shared together when Todd learned he was Victor Lord's son. It was a short scene but one to the top scenes of the episode. You could feel Todd's love for Viki as he had to leave, again, but he was doing it to keep her safe.

Next up was Dani. They just started to develop a relationship and it was a nice scene. Todd asked her to look after Tea, which is more than Tea would ever asked in her Victor-obsessed world. He also promised Dani he'd be back again some day. They even shared an emotional hug.

Earlier, Dani ran into Matthew's shorts on the floor and the catfish coming out of the bedroom. Of course, she couldn't let an encounter slip by without making a catty remark to Dani, who gave back as good as she got. She's probably the most unlikable character on the show.

I guess she finally managed to put on her own clothes and leave, cause she just happened upon Matthew and Destiny with Drew. Since Matthew wouldn't own up to Drew being his son, Destiny told the catfish. You know with all her stalking of Matthew you'd think she would have found that out, too.

The catfish got up and was going to storm out and Matthew chased after her telling her she's the most important person to him. Then Destiny yelled that Drew was having a seizure and she and Matthew ran out the door with Drew, leaving the catfish behind completely forgotten. If I were Destiny I'd start watching my back and that of my child. So far the catfish has targeted anyone who has taken Matthew's attention off of her and tried to cause trouble between them and Matthew.

I hate to say it because I have never liked the Matthew and Destiny pairing, but the two actually had some good chemistry together. Certainly more than he has with the catfish.

Natalie and Cutter are enjoying a carefree morning after lounging in their underwear when Clint calls her up and says he was arrested. Since Cutter said he prevented Clint from being arrested, she thinks Cutter lied to her and the post-coital bless is gone, as Natalie throws Cutter's clothes at him and tells him to get dressed.

At the police station Clint is trying to provoke Bo into a fight, but when Bo is about to oblige him Clint backs down and plays the Asa would be so ashamed of you card. When Natalie arrives she learns she misjudged Cutter and that it was Bo who decided to arrest Clint and Cutter had nothing to do with it.

Jack decides to spend some time with Aunt Dorian to cheer her up when he bumps into Hot For Teacher Kate. Dorian immediately puts two and two together and figures out Jack's been putting it to the teacher, but Jack pulls the old, "I'm just a kid and she's like ancient. Eeew." gambit and Dorian seems to buy it. Then Dorian gets distracted by the news in the paper that Clint got arrested.

She heads over to see Viki and to demand that Clint no longer be honored as Man Of The Year. Viki speaks up for Clint that he's a good man. However, Dorian feels Clint's arrest makes it inappropriate for him to be honored as Man Of The Year.

Bo calls in Bruce to ask him to start investigating Shelter. What with dead call girl/drug pusher Brianna having probably hooked up with two johns at Shelter, he's beginning to wonder if a call girl operation could be running out of the club. That's the least of what Cutter's got going on there, but he's asked the wrong cop to do the investigation. Bruce is on Cutter's payroll and goes right to him to tell him what Bo is suspecting.

Todd's last step on his goodbye tour is to say goodbye to Jack and Sam. There's a cute little moment harkening back to Todd and Jack's former relationship. It's kind of sad that Todd has a better relationship with Victor's real son that Victor does. Then when it comes time to say adios to Jack, he forces Jack to shake his hand and won't let go until Jack yanks his hand back.

Roger Howarth in the last week or so has started bringing an interesting element to the Jack/Todd relationship or maybe it's the writers who get the credit. He seems absolutely amused by Jack because he reminds him just of him. He was wearing a big grin on his face as he wouldn't let Jack's hand go and Jack had to tug it away. It was kind of childish but cute.

Finally, since Todd has his own plane and can leave when he wants he suggested he and Blair be together one last time and that sounded like a very good idea to her.

It was a great episode. Let's hope this isn't the last we see of Roger Howarth on this show.


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