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One Life To Live -- July 16, 2013

Updated on July 16, 2013

Clint declares his independence

I'm am Buchanan. Hear me roar. I am too loud to ignore. Clint had had enough and he wasn't going to take it anymore. He told Viki he did nothing wrong in trying to save her from financial ruin, and he was done letting her make him feel he did something wrong with trying to help her. He packs his bags and Nigel, too, and says he's done with her.

In a lot of ways Viki has brought this whole thing on herself. If I recall correctly, both Todd and Clint advised her not to put all her eggs in one basket and to diversify her investment. But per usual, Viki didn't listen to them or take their advice.

Before going Nigel has a talk with Viki and makes her see it from another angle. If she doesn't take that money from Clint because of her stiff-necked pride, all her employees are going to be the ones who suffer for it. Seeing it from that angle, Viki agrees to take Clint's money, but that's all she wants from Clint.

David and Dorian were also having a battle royale. David slept on the couch all night and Dorian awoke him to start fighting with him again. David didn't feel her didn't do anything wrong giving Rama a tongue bath on the dance floor and felt he was also the wronged party because Dorian doesn't offer him any support. Dorian responds by ripping apart his planned proposal for his reality show and even suggested that Vickerman sucks.

The problem with David and Dorian is they're two very self-involved people who want to be at the center of all the attention and have the spotlight shined on them as the masses applaud them. Unfortunately, neither Dorian or David are good at being a member of the masses. That's why their long-distance marriage was working so well for them. They had a group of sycophants surrounding them and applauding them in their two separate little worlds. Now they're back living together problems are arising.

Actually of the two, David can at times take on the supportive role. He did so when Dorian's senate career blew up in her face, but Dorian hasn't been returning the favor. She's been too busy pursuing her vendetta against Viki. She hasn't been supportive of David, so he sought support elsewhere. There was kind of an ironic justice in Dorian coming back from destroying Clint and Viki's relationship ready to celebrate her victory and having her own relationship blow up in her face.

David meets with the network exec named Michael Green and it's an absolute disaster from start to finish. Green has never heard of the movie Vickerman and falls asleep during David's pitch. Ultimately, David gets shown to the door and he returns home blaming Dorian for it.

Our week-long break of Tea was over and she was back this week. Can I say I didn't miss her when she was gone. She showed up at Todd's door and was appalled the Blair had slept there. She wanted to make sure that Blair wasn't going to get involved with Todd, again. She's such a freaking hypocrite. If Todd stopped making it clear that as far as he's concerned Tea's apple pie don't taste too nice, she's make all our heads spin with how fast she jumped on her back and spread her legs for him. Since Todd doesn't want her, she wants to make sure her long-time rival for Todd doesn't get back together with him.

After trying to ruin the moment between Todd and Blair, Tea went off to exercise class. Also at the class are Rama and Nikki [who feels about exercise the same way as I do and was only doing a lame attempt at the exercise], Natalie and her best buddy Density [that's not a typo after seeing the scenes for Thursday's show] and Dean the guy from Shelter. When Rama said he brings a lot of money into the club, Natalie suggested he was a drug dealer. The final two later arrivals were Dani and Jeffrey. Jeffrey got Dani to go to the class after she and Matthew got into it over his little catfish Michelle. He realized she intended to rat his little catfish out to him.

Seriously, how much money would it take to not have this obnoxious little dweeb not on the show for just one day. Come on, it's time to end his run of being on every single episode. Anyway, he surprised his catfish at the Palace Hotel and set up a room for them to have sex in. Dude, for the love of God, use some protection. You're already a deadbeat dad to one kid, we don't need your irresponsibility to lead to another kid being born.

Back at the exercise class, Tea gets dizzy and almost passes out. Viewers are already suggesting Victor has knocked her up again. The woman is middle-aged. Surely she shouldn't be that fertile. It's interesting that when she was knocking boots with Victor when she thought he was Todd and she never once got pregnant. I really don't think an offspring between the shrieking banshee and special needs Victor is a good idea. It'll probably turn out to be a clone of the Tasmanian Devil from the old Warner Brother's Looneytoons.

Finally, Todd called Blair a liar for her claiming she's not interested in taking a ride of his Mr. Happy. This leads to Blair planting a tender kiss on Todd's lips as she leaves him to go deal with Dead Fake Victor. It always amazes me that Roger Howarth and Kassie Depaiva's chemistry still burns as strongly as ever after all these years. That's why these two make a true supercouple. There's only been a few couples in soapdom who have that kind of enduring chemistry. Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes are another one of them.

The previews for Thursday's show shows Density get all up in Dani's grill because she thinks Dani slept with Matthew. Even if they had, what's it to her. She's just the dope who put out for a guy and didn't have the brains to protect herself. Just because you pushed out his kid doesn't mean you own him, Density. Move on, idiot. And things between Todd and Blair seem to be heating up even more.


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