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One Life To Live -- July 2, 2013

Updated on July 2, 2013

Dorian has a bad night

I enjoyed the little conversation Nora and Viki had about how technology has really changed the world. I'm computer and Internet savvy, but the whole cell phone thing has totally skipped me by. I don't have one of those jacked-up phones that can do everything but cook your dinner. I don't have a tablet or I-Pod. And I have the computer version of Kindle. I also still take pictures with a camera and not my phone. I've only tried texting someone once in my life. And I still don't see how drivers can be so irresponsible as to text or talk on their phones while driving. I've never been a phone person, probably because as a teenager my mother and I were plagued by a few weird obscene phone callers. I mean, turn off your phone while driving. The life you save may be your own or someone else's. Is it really worth it not to wait until you're parked to return a call or send a text? I'll step off my soap box now.

Anyway, Dorian was not having a good nght. The first thing she sees when she walks into Shelter is Viki and Nora laughing. She expected Viki to be crying.This did not sit well with her. And it only got worse when she discovered Rama was going to be David's leading lady on his show. She didn't seem to know where to strike first. She ended up sidling up to Nora and Viki's table and give a fake commiseration speech, only to discover her plot hadn't worked and Viki hadn't lost a dime. I really hope what Clint said was on the up-and-up cause you know Dorian is going to hightail it to see Frank and find out why he well-laid plan didn't work. If there's any way she can get Viki in trouble she'll do it.

I was hoping Viki would get a major clue that Dorian was behind her almost financial downfall. After the way Dorian felt about Viki for causing the end of her senatorial career with that article she printed, Dorian coming up to her with fake sympathy should have set off warning bells. In short, if Dorian was behind honest she wouldn't have come up gloating and rubbing salt into Viki's wounds.

Then she went over to David to deal with the David/Rama situation and didn't get any satisfaction there, either. Dorian thought it was settled that she was going to be his leading lady, but David said this wasn't the right medium for her. Getting no satisfaction, Dorian took off in a huff, leaving David behind.

Natalie and Destiny are boozing it up and Natalie wants them to concentrate on themselves instead of their kids or men. Destiny confides in Natalie that she's always wanted to get a tattoo, so Natalie encourages her to do so. They go to a tattoo artist who puts a butterfly on Destiny's back. Still a little potted, Destiny goes to work and asks if Jeffrey will go out on a double date with her.

The tattoo artist doesn't get a chance to put a tattoo on Natalie because he gets a call from Todd. Why Todd has a tattoo artist on retainer is bizarre. Just wait til the guy finds out Todd wants him to put a tattoo on a corpse. Judging by what the guy said to Destiny about needed six days for it to heal, I don't think this is going to work. A corpse is long past being able to heal. Maybe the guy will put one of those fake tattoos on it. Let's hope the coroner can't tell the difference or the jig will be definitely up.

It was nice to see that Blair seems to be growing a bit weary of Teahag. I got sick of her a long time ago, myself. While she was going on about her poor innocent Victor and hugging a hairshirt to her bosom, I didn't see her giving a thought to the danger the kids might be in because of her poor innocent Victor. Seriously, does she really need to be involved in this now she's served her purpose of giving a Victor location. Her incessant nastiness is just not interesting to watch. And I'm kind of tired of hearing her yap about ho w well she knows Victor. Really, I didn't see you being able to tell the difference between the two. The only reason she sticks to him like glue is because he's the only Todd that ever wanted her.

I loved Blair saying she knows Victor, too. She should know him better than either Todd or Tea, since she's known him way longer than either one of them.Then Todd said Blair is the only woman that has ever really understood him. Suck on that Teahag.

Blair later told Tea she thinks Brianna may have been killed by the same people that are after Victor and that Todd believes Dani's overdose was no accident. Maybe that will enable her to think of someone else but Victor. Then what followed was a bunch of Tea propping about how strong she is. The woman's a raving lunatic that should be put the local sanitarium.

Meanwhile Bo learns the guy Brianna was really with was Jason Murray.The guy got her to take something, but is he really involved in the tattoo mess?

Finally we had the tale of two stalker chicks. Michelle showed up at Matthew's door bearing baked goods she made with her own two wittle hands. There's really something about this chick that gives me the creeps. An even creepier chick is Jack's cougar Kate. Instead of being ashamed she had sex with a minor and staying away from him, she singled him out in class and after class she put the moves on him, again. Maybe she is part of the Tattooed Terror.

One final thing, Teahag is blaming Todd for the Tattooed People taking Victor, but all Todd did was to try and kill him. These people were watching her precious Victor and waiting for the chance to snatch and grab him. Victor had his fingers in a lot of dirty cookie jars and him no longer being Todd didn't change this. Odds are these people were someone he was already involved with before Todd even came back to town. Maybe if Todd pretended to care a crap about Teahag she might actually engage her brain and think about that.


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