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One Life To Live -- July 25, 2013

Updated on July 29, 2013

David learns he got his TV deal because of Dorian

I really didn't think I'd be on Team Dorian after all the rotten things she's done to Viki, but I am Team Dorian in regards to David. He got his TV deal and couldn't dump Dorian fast enough, feeling he had something better and didn't need Dorian any longer. Only the little worm found out he just might still need Dorian, after all.

Jo Sullivan, the woman that made the deal with him, made it clear she approved his show because of his relationship with Dorian. So David pulled out a big lie that it was Dorian that threw him out, when the minute he learned he got the TV deal he dumped Dorian. He tried to convince Jo should could do the show without Dorian having any input, but I wonder if she'll really go along with that.

Meanwhile Dorian arrives at Shelter and wants Blair to fire Rama for sticking her tongue down David's throat. When she gets no satisfaction from Blair, she goes to Cutter. I didn't like the way this little punk talked down to Dorian. Dorian backed down and settled for Rama not speaking to her.

Dean arrived and started flirting with Dorian, Tea and Blair. Blair and Tea were waiting for news when Victor was officially supposed to die. Todd called Blair and said it was on for tonight.

Dani was having dinner with Arturo when Tea arrived at Shelter and got him to sneak out with her before Tea saw them. That scarf she pilfered from Brianna's apartment, along with a few other things, seems to be hermetically sealed to her neck as she's still wearing it. Arturo is already at the stage where he's putting his arm around her. He invites her to the Veteran's Gala and Dani accepts, but wants Arturo to claim he's Brianna's uncle, instead of the truth that he was her sugar daddy. Sugar Daddy Arturo also gifts Dani with an expensive pair of earrings.

Matthew's Catfish Michelle doesn't like being ignored. When Matthew and Jeffrey were talking of all the places they ate in London she butts in and picks a fight with Jeffrey, saying she's sick of hearing all the places they ate at and it's not her fault she's never been out of Llanview. At that point Jeffrey calls her on the fact that she claims to be from Toronto and suggests she's having a hard time keeping all her lies straight. Matthew ends up taking the catfish out for dinner.

Viki tells Natalie she's broken it off with Clint because he secretly replaced all the money she lost. Natalie, like everyone else, don't see what Viki's problem is. That most people would find it romantic what Clint did. So Viki brings up serving John with the restraining order and likens it to the same thing Clint did with the money. Then Natalie is more confused that Viki kept the money when she's so affronted that Clint gave her the money. Viki said she had to do it for the greater good of the Banner employees. Anyone would consider that kind of logic quite illogical.

Natalie drops by Shelter for a drink with Cutter and reveals a little about her past. He realizes there upbringing isn't so different from each other. She warns him not to try and play her.

I really am surprised that I feel so sorry for Dorian and think David is nothing but a sleazy user creep. He really thought he was going to have it all. Hot little Rama as his co-star on and off his show, only to be brought down to earth that it was interest in Dorian and not him that got him this show. I wonder if Jo will really settle for focusing on the narcissist or if she'll try to find some way to bring Dorian in the show. It would be hilarious if Dorian ended up taking over the whole show and poor wittle David ended up with nothing. Maybe he could try and make another B movie to boost his spirits.

I have to ask is Rama stupid or is Rama stupid? You had your tongue down Dorian's husband's throat and you try to talk to her. You're lucky she didn't snatch you bald, bimbo. Don't let Dorian's age fool you. She could still do it.

Dean has apparently employed Tea as his lawyer to handle some kind of property deal. How does this play into his drug distribution program he's got running out of Shelter? And will Tea look beyond his pretty face to discover the illegal stuff this guy is involved in? Will she warn Blair that her partner, Cutter, is running some dirty business out of her club?

So, the catfish showed her claws, all because she didn't have Matthew's full attention. Was this just the beginning of things to come? Will she continue to get more and more possessive of Matthew? If he dumps her, will she go all Fatal Attraction on him? If she does, can't say I'll feel sorry for Matthew. He's had a million warning signs about this chick and ignored them all. There comes a point when you say he's getting what he deserves.

And what will happen once news breaks that Victor is dead. Of course, Jack and Dani will be hit hard by the news, and if Victor ever comes back to town they probably won't be too understanding when they learn their parents knew the truth all along. Will this plunge Dani headlong along the path she seems intent on taking of replacing Brianna as Arturo's kept woman?


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