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One Life To Live -- July 30, 2013

Updated on July 31, 2013

Why are manboys so dumb?

The manboys I refer to are Matthew and Jack. The warning signs that both have hooked up with unsavory females and they refuse to see them as long as they're getting satisfied in the sack.

Let's start with Jack's teacher. She didn't seem the least bit shocked or surprised when she discovered Jack was her student. The whole thing of the way she picked him up is suspicious to begin with, as the kid doesn't look old for his age. He looks like a high school kid. He also knows that someone is out to get Todd. Does it even occur to the little nitwit that this is all a set-up? Nope. Not even when she's all fine making goo-goo eyes at him in public where anyone could have seen until she learns Todd's man is watching him.

Jack enlisted David's helping in seeing his teacher as she's blowing him off now and wants him to leave her alone. She claims the reason is because she doesn't want to lose her job. Well, shouldn't she have thought about that when she discovered she had screwed one of her students, instead she was still coming on to him like gangbusters. She once again sent him away, and was appalled that David knew about them.

On the other side of the coin Jack is a teenage boy whose gotten his first taste of sex, so he's not thinking with his head. He's thinking with his other head if you get my drift. But what's Matthew's excuse. He's much older and supposedly more experienced. Yet he is completely snowed by this Internet catfish he's hooked up with.

It was ridiculous him showing up at Shelter and asking if Jeffrey if he was ready to apologize to Michelle. My question is what for? The little catfish is the one who started it. She couldn't stand she wasn't the center of Matthew's attention so she picked a fight with Jeffrey. If anyone should apologize it should be her. And Dani was next on her hit list.

She couldn't wait to suggest that Dani was trying to set herself up as Arturo's new kept woman. She even brought up that Dani was wearing different earrings than she'd been wearing before. What business is it of hers anyway? Even Destiny who isn't the brightest bulb in the package asked what Michelle has against Dani, as even she could see the girl was trying to trash and put Dani down. Matthew didn't seem to get it when everyone Jeffrey point it out that Michelle was going out of her way to trash Dani and he refused to apologize to her.

But the little catfish ended up getting what she wanted. Dani left Shelter with Arturo after Matthew gave him a problem about seeing Arturo and Jeffrey left with Destiny when she needed to go back to The Banner. Of course, the catfish couldn't let their departures go without making some more snide innuendoes which this time Matthew actually seemed to take notice of.

Clint was back to drinking because his break-up with Viki. He called her up wanting to talk, but she hung up on him. Then he came over to Llanfair and she slammed the door in his face. I actually felt sorry for Clint. I'm really not feeling Viki's side of things in this. The fact she used a lame excuse to keep the money he gave her as it being for the greater good really puts her on shaky ground. If she can keep the money and use it, she should forgive Clint for what he did. I'm sorry, Viki, but this is so not on the same level of Clint sending a restraining order from Natalie to John. You can't keep the money and then act all morally offended because Clint gave you the money. Both Clint and Todd warned her not to sink everything into Pellegrino because it was dangerous, but as usual she wasn't listening to anyone but the own voice in her head that keeps telling her she's in the right.

After getting no satisfaction, Clint tried to enter Shelter and ran afoul of the doorman. When they got into a fight with him, Clint ended up knocking the man down. This is so not going to look good for the Man of the Year award. I believe one of the people in line even filmed what happened, so you know it'll be posted on You Tube in nothing flat.

Todd told Blair in an hour his man would make an anonymous call so the police would find Victor's body. Then he would get Natalie to fake his DNA to prove it was Victor. I really think Todd is going too far involving Natalie and expecting her to put her job on the line to falsify evidence. What happens when the truth gets out and Natalie gets fired? Is he going to support her? From what I can see Deadbeat Dad John contributes nothing to Liam's upbringing. If he had, that would mean John was in contact and the whole Dear John Letter and fake restraining order wouldn't have worked, because Natalie could have told him she didn't do it. So if Natalie loses her job, just how is she going to end up supporting herself?

Yeah, I know she'll probably do it when Todd reveals Viki's name is on this hit list, but it really isn't fair that she be asked to put her job on the line like this. However, the whole thing may prove to be a moot point. Todd got another Tattoo Note slid under his door saving, "Everything's changed." Did the Tattoo Cult realize Todd was trying to fake Victor's death? Or is it possible that Victor could really be dead. It'll be interesting to discover what is meant by everything has changed.

Finally, when Jeffrey is helping Destiny go over the ad copy that's wrong, his feelings for her overcome him and they share a kiss. These two actually have great chemistry, if the show will just allow Destiny to get over Matthew [who this show acts like is the be-all and end-all of everything, since he's on the show every darned day.]


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