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One Life To Live -- June 11, 2013

Updated on June 11, 2013

Dorian rubs shoulders with the little people

Original Airing: June 11, 2013

I’ve realized something. It isn’t the actress playing Destiny I can’t stand, it’s the character. No matter who plays the part, I just can’t stand the character and her pathetic behavior when it comes to Matthew. He doesn’t want her that way. She put out and gave it her best shot and he still didn’t want her in the long run. So let it go and move on.

I still contend she’s the reason he doesn’t want to spend time with Drew. He knows if he does, she’ll start reading things into it and think it’s her golden chance with him. If she wasn’t in the picture, I think he’d be a real father to that kid.

Meddling Nora is actually the one who created this mess. Destiny originally planned to give the baby up for adoption, but Nora just couldn’t have that. She just couldn’t stand the thought of some stranger raising her first grandchild. Now she’s meddling again trying to get Matthew together with Destiny by tricking them to both come to dinner. I’m so sick of the mentality that if two people are irresponsible and don’t use protection they should be stuck with each other for life because the woman got knocked up. The fact is, Drew would have been better off in a home with a mother and father who loved and wanted him instead of having a teen mom who thinks her chance with the teen dad is coming if he spends time with her kid.

Meddling Nora’s plan almost worked as Matthew started getting along with Destiny as he recounted the other times Meddling Nora meddled and tried to manipulate things. But then Meddling Nora’s plans blew up in her face when Matthew took a page out of mommy’s book and invited David and Dorian to Nora’s family dinner. Then Cyber Michelle called and Matthew left, and little Destiny stuck out her bottom lip and pouted and had a mopey look on her face. This is what I mean. He can’t have a normal conversation with this chick without her reading more into it and thinking her golden chance has come and he’s going to realize he wuvs her, too. And if he spends time with Drew he’ll have to be fighting her off with a stick. She’s the worst person he could have chosen to have a kid with.

Dorian’s a real trip. The airs she puts on almost make her a character in one of those British drawing room plays with Dorian as the old woman using twenty-syllable words she doesn’t even understand the meaning of. Can the woman converse with anyone normally? Did she carry on like that in the senate? If so, no wonder they want to be read of her.

This was actually the first time I’ve liked the Matthew character. I enjoyed watching him turn the table on Mommy Nora and the look he gave her and Bo when David and Dorian showed up was priceless. It was the best part of the whole scene.

Viki was freaking out because she discovered her money was frozen for three days and she couldn’t withdraw it from the Pellegrino Fund. Meanwhile Jeffrey arrived and told Viki about a popular blogger named Ezra Klein and she agreed to let Jeffrey start up his own blog.

Natalie’s world was rocked when she got served with a subpoena from John demanding his rights in regards to Liam. When Tea contacted John’s lawyer she told Natalie that John claimed he’d received a Dear John letter from Natalie and she took a restraining order out against him. When Natalie told Viki and Clint about this, Clint didn’t seem all that surprised about it. Could it be that Daddy Clint was behind it? If he did do it and Viki finds out, if I were him, I wouldn’t count on hearing wedding bells ringing anytime soon.

You know what? I don’t feel the least bit sorry for John. Why didn’t he call Natalie and ask what was up when he got the Dear John letter or the restraining order? How come it took so long for him to suddenly demand his parental rights? Any way you cut it John is a big loser and a horrible father. Let’s see if he even returns her phone call.

Todd came to Shelter to try and tell Blair she and the kids could be in danger and that he thinks he knows whose behind the sabotage of the club. He asked her to come with him so he could show her the card he got. As they were leaving the club, Todd sensed a gun was pointed at them and knocked Blair to the ground, as someone pulled the trigger. Of course, knowing Blair, she’ll think he just faked the whole thing probably.

After all their dinner guests leave, it’s time for The Night Bird [Nora’s radio persona] to make her first Internet Radio broadcast. I figured she’d have to do it in a real radio station, but all she needed was a microphone and laptop computer. Ah, the miracles of modern science. Unfortunately, when Bo started talking about how many listeners might be tuning in, it looked like Nora got a case of stage fright and lost her voice just as she was supposed to start flapping her gums.

I think they’ve done enough to set-up the Matthew and Cyber Michelle relationship, so now they need to add some element to make it more interesting. Is this chick truly on the level? Is she some old tranny hooker as I’ve seen some people online suggest? Is she some kind of psychotic stalker? It’s really time to take this story to the next level and reveal something about the mysterious Michelle.

We also need to start moving along on the mystery man watching everyone. Well not everyone, just a select few. I’ve seen some speculate it’s going to turn out to be Mitch Lawrence, especially since Mitch groupie Allison Perkins was supposedly keeping Victor prisoner. It would be interesting if it was Mitch, as when Victor first came to town he was pretending to be Mitch’s brother, Walker.


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