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One Life To Live -- June 13, 2013

Updated on June 18, 2013

The Watcher is revealed

The Watcher's identity is finally revealed and it's definitely the last person I expected it to be.

Blair doesn't believe she just got shot at until she sees the bullet holes in the wall behind her. She goes back into the club and tells Cutter and Bruce what happened. Blair's appalled when Cutter is relieved it wasn't a customer, cause that would ruin business. She demands he shut the club down to keep everyone safe. He calls in Bruce to investigate who has a divine accent but doesn't really seem to be the top cop from the cop shop.

When Todd finally gets Blair's attention, he tells her the club isn't why someone took a shot at her. Then he gets her to come with him as he explains things. He takes her to his secret lair, revealing Todd is in fact The Watcher.

I'm not sure I buy Todd as The Watcher. If he was indeed recording what went on in his own motel room, then didn't he see that Victor put something in his whiskey decanter. And if he saw that, then why would he drink it? Why place a camera in the Dead Baby Nursery at Tea's and seemingly no other place in the house? Did he place a hidden camera in Three's Company's apartment and is he spying on the kids?

Blair feels all icky that Todd's been watching her, that's when he whips out the two cards with the strange emblem on them. Blair's upset when she sees Jack and Starr on the list of names on the card. That's another thing about Todd being The Watcher is he had his own motel room under surveillance than wouldn't he have caught on film the person who left the card in his room?

Todd then shows Blair the first card he got while he was back in Port Charles. Until he received the card, he thought he really had killed Victor. When he got the card saying he needed to finish the job that's when he realized Victor was alive.

He then reveals that Victor and the body found also bare the same emblem on their arms. Todd also tells Blair he believes Dani's overdose was no accident. He has a plan to get to the bottom of this, but he needs Tea's help to do it. Blair finally decides to stop fighting Todd and join forces with him as she tells him she'll deal with Tea.

Dorian reveals to a clueless David that Nora was trying to play matchmaker for Matthew and Destiny. David's shocked that was Step-Nora's plan, but feels because they share a child together that Matthew will end up with Destiny. God, I hope not. That's when Dorian reveals her insecurity about not being able to give David a child. She says when she hears that a man has left a woman for a younger woman she always thinks it's so the woman can give him a child. David assures Dorian he doesn't need a child.

Online speculation is that David's secret child is going to come to town and it's going to cause major trouble between David and Dorian. I wouldn't mind it, since that would give David and Dorian a real storyline. Right now their material could be classified as filler.

Nora aka The Night Bird has a bit of a rough start but is able to find her voice. Matthew calls up complaining about his parents not being able to let go and let him grow-up. Maybe they could if he acted responsible and grown-up. Like grown-ups actually do their own laundry, Matthew, they don't drop it by so Mommy can do it for you. Nora advises Matthew to tell his parents to butt-out then later regrets saying it, even though she feels it was the right thing to do.

Overall, Nora's broadcast as The Night Bird seems to be a success as Matthew wasn't the only one to call her up. Nora gave good advice to a woman that couldn't get a relative to leave and someone messing with their boss. So it seems Nora may have found herself a new career.

Cyber Michelle has finally given Matthew an address on where they can meet. She claims since her brother died her parents won't let her leave the house. So he's going to go and meet her. I think people online complaining are right and the Matthew character has been on every episode since the online version debuted. I'm sorry, but the character just isn't that interesting to rate being on every single episode. Is the actor related to someone at Prospect Park or something? No other actor on either online soap can lay claim to that claim of having been on every single show since they made their debut.

The previews for Tuesday's show look good: Blair asks Tea to help find Victor. Hopefully, she'll put her protective instincts over her libido and agree to cooperate. Of course, knowing Tea she'll probably claim it's all just a Todd lie. Maybe since Bo still has Dani's pills he'll be able to verify Todd's supposition that her overdose wasn't an overdose. Maybe then Tea might actually cooperate.

It also looks like the fat is hitting the fire as Natalie is shrieking at Clint for trying to keep Precious John from his child. I'm sorry, but I can't really get all foamed up about Clint taking out the restraining order and sending Scruffy-Doo a Dear John letter. Why didn't he call Natalie to even talk to her? Why did it take Scruffy months to demand his fatherly rights. Sorry, Team Clint, all the way. Natalie is a total moron when it comes to Scruffy. She lets him walk all over her. Clint only gave Scruffy what he so richly deserved. Too bad Natalie didn't have the brains to actually do what Clint did.

Jeffrey confides to Destiny that the bottom is about to fall out of Viki's world. Sounds like there isn't time to get her money out and Dorian's scheme to pay Viki back has worked like a charm. Of course, you know Dorian is going to slither over and rub salt in Viki's wounds by bragging about her coup over Viki.

Finally, Matthew [yep, he's on again] looks like he's arrived at some big mansion with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Someone opens the door. I suppose it's Mysterious Michelle.


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    • Tim Chirillo profile image

      Tim Chirillo 4 years ago from Florida

      Victor is back? was he not killed? We all know they comeback though.. Yes I am a man who likes the show, but I don't care

    • missnanse profile image

      Nanci Hughes 4 years ago from Salisbury,Long island, NY

      Tim it is online now. You can watch it for free on It is great to have it back and All My Children is also there, thanks to Prospect Park and The Online Network.

    • Tim Chirillo profile image

      Tim Chirillo 4 years ago from Florida

      I thought this show was off the air? Is it still on some where