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One Life To Live -- June 18, 2013

Updated on June 19, 2013

Natalie blasts Clint for his interference

The best scene of the day was the Clint/Natalie showdown. She confronted him about what he did to poor wittle innocent John Boy and how cruel he was to Pig Pen for sending him a Dear John Letter and filing a restraining order against him. Sorry, but if Natalie had any pride or self-respect, she would have done those things to poor wittle innocent John Boy herself. But she's a total doormat for this loser.

I was definitely Team Clint all the way. How I would have loved to have been Clint for five minutes in that scene to shove a few home truths down this idiot's throat. Like, how come John didn't even attempt to contact you after he got the Dear John Letter if he loves you as much as you think he does? Why did he just accept it without trying to make any attempt to try and get you back. Do you think maybe it was because he doesn't want you back. That he didn't think you were even worth fighting for? And how come it took him so long to try and fight for Liam? If he loves him so much, shouldn't he have retained a lawyer the instant he got the restraining order? Not that I'm sure she would have listened since she's got Pig Pen built-up in her head as some perfect flawless knight in shining armor.

I'm sorry, but if someone really loved you, they would have fought for you when they got a Dear John letter from you. And they certainly would have contacted you about the restraining order. Precious John did neither. One of the things that helped ruin One Life To Live on ABC is the way they white washed and free passed everything Pig Pen did.

Speaking of another white washed character, Blair had to go over to Tea to try to get her on Team Find Victor. I honestly don't know how any man would be attracted to Delgado, as the woman oozes hostility and aggression which is a real turn off. She declared she would never trust Todd. Something tells me if Todd wanted her and said those three magic words to her, she'd change her mind real fast. Her pathetic behavior in the name of attaining Todd's love are legendary.

Blair showed her the cards Todd got and tried to impress on her they needed to work together because all their kids were in danger. When Blair tried to get Tea to think of some safe place Victor might go that's special to him and Tea, she seemed to remember some place, but will she share the wealth?

Maybe she will if she learns the truth about Dani's overdose. Bo tested the pills and goes to tell Dani the oxy she took was laced to be four times the normal dosage in one pill. So she didn't take an overdose. He tries to get her to tell him who her supplier is. Dani reluctantly reveals it's a girl at school.

Jeffrey confides in Destiny he's just found out the truth about the Pellegrino Fund and believes Viki will lose everything when the truth comes out. He wants to write the story about it, but first he has to go over and break the news to Viki in person. Destiny seems a bit impressed by Jeffrey's loyalty to Viki.

Jeffrey arrives at Llanfair just as Viki is reaming Clint out for what he did to poor wittle John. She's definitely not Team Clint. Jeffrey tells her the Pellegrino Fund is a scam and arrests are about to be made. Clint tries to reach their broker, while Viki reacts to the bottom of her world falling out. She tells Jeffrey to go and write the story, as it just might be the last story The Banner ever publishes.

Matthew arrives with flowers in hand to the Toronto address that Cyber Michelle gave him. It looks like it's an estate. After practicing what he's going to say to his mystery woman, he rings the doorbell and a older lady answers. She tells him she's never heard of any Michelle. Matthew gives her the flowers and leaves. Once back at his car, he calls up Michelle and reams her out for making a fool out of him and giving him a fake address.

I've seen people speculating online that this financial crisis is going to cause Viki to flip into Niki Smith, again. I really hope they're wrong. Niki Smith has returned one time too many. It makes the whole integration process Viki supposedly went through a giant joke. How about doing something new. How about Viki actually deals with her problems instead of escaping into the nether world and letting the foul Niki Smith out of the bag to deal with things for her.

I've also seen people claiming online that someone has been cast in the role of Cyber Michelle. So it doesn't look like this is the end of the story. So just why did she give Matthew a fake address? How much of what she claimed to be the truth is the truth and how much is a lie?

Will Tea agree to work with Todd and Blair to find Victor? And if they should find Victor, would he be willing to work with Todd? After all, the last time he saw Todd, the psycho tried to giraffe him. That term just never gets old for me. And is Victor really the innocent victim Tea is convinced that he is? I really have my doubts about that. I think he may actually be a member of the society of the spiral tattoo. I don't think they would have tattooed that on him unless he was one of them.


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