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One Life To Live -- June 20, 2013

Updated on June 23, 2013

Clint doesn't know when to quit

You heard the term a bull in a china shop? Well, the bull has Clint Buchanan's face on it. Dude, we know you're not sorry for what you did to poor wittle John. Some of us are even Team You and love what you did to the flea-ridden mutt. We know you're not the least bit contrite about what you did to John, but, dude, try to fake it. Don't brag and bray like you should be given a medal for what you did. And certainly don't push for a wedding date this moment in time. Dude, step back and wait til the dust has settled before you make a forward frontal attack. Just watching Clint made me want to cover my eyes and not see it. There was a way to squirm out of this mess. It was called faking that you're sorry and throwing yourself on the mercy of the court, not strutting around like a rooster showing you felt absolutely no regret for what you did. While I appreciated that bodacious behavior, myself, no one else did.

I feel like asking Viki just why she's so Team John? Is it because of the wonderful way he treats your daughter, which he doesn't? Seriously it makes no sense. Okay, Clint did a bad bad thing, but John is no helpless baby. If he loved Natalie so all fire much why didn't he contact her to try and work things out with her? Why did it take John months and months to even want to see his kid? He's totally getting free passed on that and Clint is being blamed for the fact John McBain is a loser who got exactly what he deserved. John is no helpless babe. Yeah, Clint made him think Natalie dumped him, but why did he just accept it. Why didn't he come back to Llanview and fight for her if he truly loves her. Maybe because he didn't think good old Natalie was worth fighting for and he preferred staying with Sam, instead. But neither Viki or Natalie will acknowledge that little fact about poor wittle victim John.

Between trying to push for a wedding date and declaring loud and proud he's glad about what he did, Clint was trying to contract Viki's broker, Frank, to find out what happened and to try and get her money back. Little did Clint know that Frank was sitting with the architect of Viki's financial disaster as he was talking to Frank. Dorian was trying to make sure Frank didn't spill she was behind the great investment tip and he seemed to get that she set the whole thing up to ruin Viki. I suppose Dorian and Frank could get into some trouble if the truth came out. Could it be considered inside training even when the tip was a lie? Anyway, Dorian is savoring her victory over Viki in private. Although knowing Dorian, I can't imagine that will last for long, as Dorian won't be able to resist rubbing her victory in Viki's face as she yells, "I gotcha!"

Over at Natalie's place, Natalie was still ranting and raving about what big bad Clint did to poor wittle innocent John and how they might have gotten back together if it wasn't for Clint. Yeah, apparently John could have sex with a harem of women and doormat Natalie would willingly take him back. While Destiny is supportive, she also suggests they go on a double date. Natalie will invite Cutter and Destiny will invite Jeffrey.

Remember the young woman who was at Shelter with the older guy that got her to take some pill that had her crawling all over him in front of everyone? Well, that was Briana Marland and now she's dead. Bo tells both Cutter and Dani. Bo seems to get suspicious that Cutter is running drugs out of Shelter, but his hired cop Bruce promises to protect him from being found out. Meanwhile Dani and Matthew come to Shelter to try and find out more about Briana and hear about the older guy she was with.

While Bo is telling people about Briana, shouldn't two of those people be Tea and Todd. It was Todd who gave Bo the idea to test the pills, and shouldn't Tea know her daughter was targeted. If she knew, maybe she'd be more apt to cooperate in finding Victor.

Tea reluctantly tells Todd and Blair she thinks Victor might be hiding out at Willow Lake after Todd promises both her and Blair he wants to find Victor so they can work together to figure out whose threatening the kids. After Tea leaves, Blair tells Todd how grateful she is that he's here and they grow closer. Of course, after she leaves, Todd has to go and ruin it. He reveals to the person he sent after Victor that the plan is to kill Victor. It makes you just want to hit him in the head and ask, "What's wrong with you?" He's making progress with Blair, finally, and he's going to go and ruin it.

Finally, Jeffrey is home alone when Matthews phone rings and he sees it's Cyber Michelle. He gives her a piece of his mind. When Matthew comes home he gets all pissy that Jeffrey answered his phone. Then Jeffrey rocks the little twit's world by saying that the car alarm going off outside their apartment he heard over the phone. Which means Cyber Michelle might be stalking them right outside their apartment.

On a shallow note I wanted to say how hot I thought Jeffrey looked in those shorts he was wearing and I also thought Todd looked extremley hot, as well. I'd like to point out neither had to be shirtless to get me all warm and tingly. I know Matthew is the wannabe hunk of the show, but the fool can parade around naked and wet in a towel and he does nothing for me. Sometimes less is more and less skin is a lot sexier than more. Especially when the two men are actually sexy, compared to the half naked dude that just isn't.


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