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One Life To Live -- July 23, 2013

Updated on July 29, 2013

Todd and Blair reunite, but for how long...

It was the morning after and with it came regrets, as Blair told Todd that last night was a mistake. But it wasn't long before Todd was getting Blair to do it to him one more time. The scenes were kind of bittersweet, as we don't know what Roger Howarth's future on this show is, especially with him entrenched on General Hospital as Nu-Franco. All I can say is I'm thrilled Todd isn't with Carly on GH. That about turned my stomach.

In the afterglow, Blair expressed doubts about her and Todd's future. She says they're good when it comes to crisis, but not every day living. And I could see her point. They could be a classic case of star-crossed lovers that love each other, belong together but just can't be together. As much as I would like it, I can't envision them settling down and living a normal family life. Every time they try something goes wrong and it turns into a disaster.

One of the biggest problems standing in their way is their son, Jack. He has a fit because Todd is having Shaun follow him around, as it's making his teacher put the brakes on giving him anymore sex. He actually tries to intimidate Shaun and Shaun brings the little punk to his knees by just grabbing him by the hand. So he storms over to Todd's and has a royal cow when he discovers Todd and Blair had sex.

Todd actually smiles when the little brat storms off. Maybe he's reminding Todd of himself at that age. Blair tracks the little brat down and tells him the way it is. Todd is her soul mate and he's just going to have to accept that, and he's going to treat them with respect. The kid doesn't know how to treat anyone with respect, so I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Dani came over to see how Tea was after her fainting spell. So far they're saying it was an anxiety attack and not another Victor pregnancy. Dani tries to get Tea to open up to her about what's going on, but she doesn't want to do likewise when Tea notices the fancy scarf Dani's wearing. She lies that Brianna's family gave it to her, instead of telling her mother Brianna's sugar daddy gave it to her.

Speaking of the sugar daddy, Bo brings Arturo in for more questioning. Arturo reveals he met Brianna at Shelter and it was she who approached him. He suggests that Arturo was just Brianna's mark. I don't know what Paolo Seganti did to his face, but I can barely recognize him. I don't know if he's just another actor to go under the knife and end up with bad results or if he's just aged badly.

Viki and Dorian are on a Steering Committee together and have to work together to plan a gala. Clint is also being named as Man Of The Year. Okay, I snickered a little bit at the last one. Anyway, while Viki's trying to plan the gala with Dorian, Dorian wants to keep talking about Viki's split from Clint. Then Dorian reveals she threw David out. Not true, David walked out on her.

Earlier, Dorian threw David's clothes on the floor and wiped her feet all over them before calling him to tell him he'd left some things behind and he could find them in the foyer. She just neglected to mentioned they were scattered all over the floor.

Viki finally has enough of Dorian's prying and she tells him she knows Dorian was somehow behind the Pellegrino deal that lost her all her money. She can't prove it, but she knows, which thrilled me because I hated that Viki couldn't put two and two together and not smelling Dorian all over this mess. She also tells Dorian she's not broke, either, but doesn't mention she decided to keep Clint's money. Needless to say none of this sits well with Dorian or helps her savor her victory much.

There was also some more stuff with Matthew and Michelle that isn't really worth mentioning. Needless to say they were having morning sex, as well. Then Matthew goes to work. It's actually the first time I've seen him go to work since Clint hired him. He finds a drunk and disheveled Clint drowning his sorrows over Viki dumping him. Since Clint is supposed to be photographed for Man Of The Year [snicker snicker] he gets Clint to clean himself up and drink some coffee so he looks presentable when the photographer comes to snap his photo.

You know, Jack is a total dummy. He doesn't think there's anything slightly shady about his teacher's behavior. She can pick up a teen in public and flirt with him in public, but the minute she learns Todd's man is watching, she wants nothing to do with him. If he had Todd smarts he'd be asking why this teacher wanted to keep on carrying on with him when she learned he was her student. What normal adult picks up a sixteen she's never met before and has sex with him. He should see there's something seriously up with this chick.


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