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One Life To Live -- June 25, 2013

Updated on June 26, 2013

Jack attracts an older woman

I think awhile back when news broke that Paolo Seganti would be coming to One Life To Live, that he'd be playing Jeffrey's mysterious benefactor. Not sure if that has changed or not, but he showed up in this episode as Arturo Bandini. He was Briana Marland's sugar daddy apparently. Briana Marland is the girl who sold the hopped up Oxy to Dani. She's now also very dead after supposedly taking the same stuff she gave to Dani. Even though Arturo claims that Briana didn't do drugs. Although we saw the guy she was with at Shelter get her to take something. Bo thinks Arturo was that guy and he doesn't know Briana had two older men on the string. Kudos to the writers for doing a great job of connecting these characters all together.

Arturo is age-appropriate for either Blair or Tea. Since Tea has Victor-itis, it seems doubtful she'll be Arturo's love interest, but Blair might be up for it. Jack elicited a promise from Blair that she won't get back together with Todd. And if Blair discovers Todd lied to her and he intends to kill Victor, whatever inroads Todd's made with Blair will be flushed down the toilet. So Blair could definitely be a possible love interest for Arturo. Of course, Arturo might only be into young girls, so Dani could be his potential new love interest. They're both upset over Briana and that could bring them together.

I think the ultimate plan is for a Dani/Matthew romance, but he seems poised to get involved with this Michelle. If that was really Michelle who showed up in the coffeehouse. Dani has shown jealousy over it. She even tried to save him from Michelle, sort of. If Dani becomes involved with Arturo, Matthew might do the same thing.

I see some people wondering if Destiny is really Michelle and catfishing him. Michelle's voice does sound a lot like Destiny's. I could see her trying to get Matthew interested in her and revealing she's the girl he's been talking to, thinking it'll finally get her Matthew. She could have paid this girl to pretend to be Michelle now that everything has gone wrong and Matthew has had enough of her

Okay, I'm going to admit how uncool and un-with-it I am. I have no idea what catfishing is. I've been trying to see what people are talking about when they use the term to figure out what it means. So far it seems to be a chick that's misleading a guy or trying to lead him down the garden path.

That term might fit the chick that picked up Jack in the coffeehouse. She took his laptop and walked out the door and like a fish on the hook he followed her right to her room where she took him down like Bobby Brown. She also seems quite a bit older than our man Jack. Well, at least we now know he's actually interested in girls. All he seemed to be interested in is video games.

Of course, she might be working for the mysterious tattooed people targeting those close to Todd. The previews show her in bed with Jack. We'll need to check out her skin for any kind of tattoos. These people already went after Dani and Blair, so Jack seems to be the next likely target. The whole thing seemed like a set up, unless this chick makes a habit of picking up boy toys in coffeehouses. Or maybe she thinks he's older than he is.I hope she doesn't turn out to be his teacher or something and she tries to get him to kill her husband.

After Natalie tells Bo that Briana died from the same amped-up Oxy that Dani overdosed on, he believes Briana was murdered. Unfortunately, his number one suspect is Arturo and he doesn't realize he's not the older man she was at Shelter with. The only way Bo's going to be able to find out is if either Blair or Rama sees him and Bo says something about thinking he was the older man with Briana at Shelter.

On another subject, I really wish they'd concentrate more on Natalie and her job. She's vastly different and more interesting than when she's mooning over John McBain. It's like she's two different Natalies. Work Natalie is competent and interesting to watch. Lovesick Natalie is a mess and boring to watch.

Tea comes down for breakfast and finds Dani sleeping on her couch. She tells Tea about Briana dying and that she was the one who sold her the Oxy. If anything this should convince her that Todd was at least telling the truth about that. That the kids are in danger. When Blair calls up to say that Todd has found Victor and is on his way to see her, she keeps the truth from Dani. Later, Tea gets an angry text from Victor saying he knows she's the one who told Todd where to find him.

Todd's man Robert calls to say he's located Victor at the Pines Inn at Willow Lake. Todd instructs Robert not to kill Victor until he gets there and to do what he has to to keep Victor from leaving. As it turns out, Todd doesn't have to worry about Robert killing Victor, because when Todd arrives at Victor's room he finds his employee Robert dead on the floor. Victor's racking up a pretty good body count, so far. He's pretty good at killing people. Let me guess. He giraffed Robert as well. Strangling someone seems to be his signature way to kill someone. Maybe Todd should recall how close Victor came to successfully giraffing him.

I suppose when Tea finds out, she'll justify it because Robert was going to kill him for Todd. But I'm sure it won't be okay about Todd wanting to kill Victor even though Victor tried to poison him and then giraffe him. No, excusing Victor of all his bad behavior only works for poor innocent little Victor.



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