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One Life To Live -- June 27, 2013

Updated on June 28, 2013

How many people does Victor have to kill before Tea stops yammering about poor innocent Victor?

I wasn't really serious about Jack's mystery woman being his teacher. The minute they showed him in class I just knew it was going to end up being true. As for Jack and Kate in bed, the scenes seriously grossed me out. Just thinking about them makes me kind of ill. I think I need to wash my mind with soap to erase the memory of it. With Jack's emotional problems, I'm not sure bringing sex into the equation is a very good idea. And if they were going to go the sex route it might have been more interesting if she had seduced him because she was one of the Tattoo People after Todd. It would tie it in nicely and give Jack more reason to resent Todd.

You know what? The Victor character truly destroys the Tea character. I was thinking the previous day when she was having a nice scene with Dani that the character wasn't so bad as I thought. Then she gets a text from Victor and she becomes a psychotic hysterical nightmare that you just want off your TV [or in this case] computer screen.

Oh my God! They seriously need to put this chick on some meds. Even Blair seemed to finally be getting sick of her histrionics. I would have loved if Todd and Blair had just tied her to a chair and stuffed a gag down her throat then asked her, "Are you ready to act like a calm rational human being, yet?" Did she forget she was cooperating because her daughter's life could be in danger. I guess she didn't care because Victor was mad at her.

Being part Polish I've heard my share of Polish jokes. How many Polish people does it take to screw in a light bulb? How many dead bodies is it going to take before she stops going on about poor innocent Victor? Poor innocent Victor's body count is really starting to get high. If it's some highly trained assassin vs. Victor the assassin is going to be left lying on the floor dead when Victor is through with him. Says a lot about Victor, something Ms. Delgado refuses to acknowledge. You're married to a cold blooded killer, sweetie. Sucks to be you.

The thing that drives me batty about this whole Victor story is the instant he became Victor he somehow became blameless for all the stuff he did when he was Todd. And no matter what he did, including trying to poison Todd, it's never his fault and he gets free passed for it.

Clint claimed that Viki's money was never put in the Pellegrino Fund and Frank never got a chance to do it. It's great if it's true, but is it? If it was, wouldn't Frank have just told him it was okay when Clint was calling him up ranting and raving at him? If it is true, Dorian is going to have a fit. She'll probably tip her hand that she was behind trying to set up Viki to lose all her money. If she does, will the war be on between Viki and Dorian full-blast?

Arturo had his wake for Briana at Shelter and he was really a paltry celebration of a drug pusher's life. I suggested previously that Dani might become Arturo's new sweet young thang and it looks like I could be right. He and Dani shared a table as they spoke of Briana. Meanwhile when Rama saw Arturo she realized he wasn't the guy Briana was getting hot and heavy with in the club and she went and told Bo. Sorry, Bo, you're after the wrong Humbert Humbert.

Another thing the paltry memorial service revealed was the confirmation that Cutter is indeed pushing drugs out of his club or letting one of his cohorts do it. He put out the warning to his associate not to try pushing any of his product to anyone at the memorial service.

Finally, Michelle met with Jeffrey and Matthew. She claimed to have seen Jeffrey and Matthew in Llanview, but didn't have enough courage to approach them in person, so she did it over the Internet. She also claimed she didn't intentionally send Matthew on a wild goose chase to Canada, but that she does live there and she's been using her parents phone to talk to him. She gives Matthew her real number and it seems as he's been pulled back in and is going to give her another chance.

Personally, I think there's something a bit off about her. When she told Jeffrey that everything was straightened out because of him, it just struck the wrong cord with me. I guess time will tell to see if I'm right or wrong about that.

Even though I predicted the way a couple of the stories might go, I'm not complaining. The writing is classic soap 101 which the writers of the network soaps seem to have forgotten how to do ages ago. It's why I'm enjoying these online soaps so much. They're like the soaps I used to love so much, until the networks kept recycling hacks who didn't know how to write a soap and caused me to turn from the soaps I once loved so much.

As this week comes to a close fans who've been complaining that they want to watch their shows on TV have learned the Big O will grant their wish by showing the 40 episodes of the shows on the OWN network. Also, Prospect Park will be releasing all the shows for one week on Mondays instead of one a day all week long. Unfortunately, proving that some people will want more and never be happy no matter what they get, now they're talking about how they'll sure they'll soon get four episodes a week for each show, again, too.

To be honest, I enjoy watching them online and being released a show a day. If you can't adjust to watching them online, there was a simple solution without complaining and whining about it. If you have a flat-screen TV they have a place where you can hook your computer to it. I've done it and it works. Do that, go to Hulu and you can watch your soaps on TV. It's as simple as that.


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