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One Life To Live -- June 4, 2013

Updated on June 4, 2013

Original Airing: June 4, 2013

Dorian was back and she took that dead animal off her head. If this was a wig she was wearing, it was much better than the other one she’d been wearing. She’s apparently writing a blog now.

Todd tells Blair someone cut the wiring in her fuse box. Blair wanted to call the cops, but Cutter said they could use their own in-house cop to do the investigating. Cutter also suggested that maybe Dani’s OD wasn’t an accident, either. Cutter swore he wasn’t selling drugs out of Shelter, but there’s a lot of drugs being offered at his club, so it makes you wonder.

Jeffrey tells Viki that one of four funds could be in trouble and reveals one of those funds under suspicion is the Pellegrino Fund. This rocks Viki’s world, as she could lose everything if it’s true. Clint advises Viki to get her money out fast, but Viki’s afraid she could be accused of insider trading the way Martha Stewart was.

Todd wants to spend a father/daughter day with Dani, so Dani puts him through his paces when she wants to spend it at the spa. She even picks out neon green nail polish for his nails to be painted with. Dorian happens upon this scene and the two old enemies can’t resist trading barbs. But they both tell Dani she’s a natural beauty and doesn’t need artifice to get a man. Todd also gains major points with her when he suggests the stuff Dani took at the opening of Shelter was tainted and she didn’t really OD.

Todd calls Bo suggesting he test the pills Dani took but won’t tell him why he thinks they should be tested; that someone drugged Dani to cause trouble at Shelter. Bo claims he threw the pills away, but after he hangs up he takes the pills out of his desk.

Later, when Todd goes back to his hotel room he finds another note with the strange insignia on it. Could The Watcher be behind all the trouble Blair is having at Shelter?

Matthew tries to make it up to Destiny by spending some time with her and Drew, but when he starts using a potty mouth when Drew spills something on him, she tells him she doesn’t want him using that kind of language around her baby. Of course, Destiny can’t just leave it at letting Matthew getting closer to Drew. She has to make it about herself. She makes catty remarks about Matthew and Dani, then tries to use Jeffrey to make Matthew jealous. Followed by trying to get Matthew to have dinner with her, which Matthew declines. I think a lot of the reason Matthew hasn’t played much of a role of a father to Drew is because he knows Destiny will use it to try and build some relationship between them that he doesn’t want.

Nora sees Matthew and Destiny together and her little cup of joy overflows. Sometimes the woman really gets on my nerves. Your son doesn’t want Destiny. Give it a rest, lady.

When Matthew arrives home the Snoopster drops by for a visit. Both Jeffery and Dani are awestruck by a celeb being in their apartment. Unfortunately, Jeffrey doesn’t get off on the right foot with the Snoopster.

Snoop has come to urge Matthew to be a father to his son and I think he wouldn’t have a problem doing that if Destiny didn’t come along with the package. As we saw, today, she’ll use it to try and make inroads with Matthew because she still wants him.

Tea gets contacted via IM by someone she thinks may be Victor. He says he’s sorry about the giraffe. Every time I think about him choking the giraffe it cracks me up. She brings her laptop to Bo to try and trace where Vic sent the IM’s from, but he says it can’t be traced. The truth is it might not have been Victor. It could have been The Watcher who must have seen Victor giraffing the giraffe via his hidden camera in the dead baby nursery.


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