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One Life To Live -- June 6, 2013

Updated on June 6, 2013

Original Airing: June 6, 2013

As this episode aired the beleaguered Prospect Park was facing more trouble. This time it caused them to shut down production a couple of weeks early and to consider moving the filming of the shows to a different state. And this just added fuel to the fire of the entitled fans and their non-stop whining. "I want Erica." "I want Jessica." "I don't like the theme song." "I want the shows on five days a week." "I want them back on network TV." "I've been cheated. I spent $7.99 on Hulu Plus for this?"

First off, I don't know how many people have told these people, but you don't need to subscribe to Hulu Plus to watch the soaps. I watch for free on regular Hulu. So cancel Hulu Plus and watch the soaps for free and shut your whining mouth about it.

I don't know how many people saw the old 70's movie Cold Turkey, but Graham Jarvis plays the head of the Christopher Mott Society and he gives this speech about the government being a bunch of gimmes. "Gimme this. Gimme that. Gimme, gimme, gimme." It describes these fans to a tee.

I don't know what they thought it was going to be like when the shows became online soaps, but they seemed to think it would be no different than when they were on the network. Many of them refuse to adapt to the new way things are and think their whims should be catered to. None of them get their lucky to even be seeing these shows again and should just be grateful to what their getting instead of whining non-stop and complaining. You see the way these people are acting and you can't help but wonder if they're not part of the reason the networks dumped the soaps so they wouldn't have to put up with these entitled spoiled brats anymore.

Personally, I'm enjoying the online soaps. They're actually the only soaps I'm watching these days. They don't have all the problems that the network soaps have. No recycled hacks who ruined one show being hired to do the same at another show. No network interference by execs that couldn't find their own butts in the dark if they tried. No entitled online fans ruining any good stories the show tries to tell with their whining and complaining and threats to quit watching.

Even though this happened at the end of the show, I want to discuss the note Todd got. It was a list of people he cares about, apparently. The list was supposedly named in the order of importance to Todd that was absolutely ridiculous.









Okay, Dani is the most important person to Todd? On what planet. And Sam rates before Blair? Todd hasn't even noticed Sam since he revealed Victor was a fraud. And Starr comes after Jack? Yeah, whatever. Whomever made up this list doesn't know crap.

Speaking of Jack and Sam, it's nice the show has Jack caring about Sam. On the network show when they were trying to sell their bullying story, Jack was horrible to Sam. Now they have a very touching relationship. They were ogling Rama when David showed them the footage he'd shot for Vickerman. David decides he's going to make Rama a star and put her on Vickerman.

Not if Dorian has anything to say about it. Dorian has a different leading lady in mind for David...herself. He tries to find a way to wheedle out of Dorian's offer. The question is will Dorian let him. Once Dorian gets something between her teeth it's hard to get her to let it go.

Meanwhile Rama is wearing her wedding clothes and has prepared a feast for Vimal who is supposed to go out on his first official date. Vimal's had to put up with Rama going out with two men so far. It looks like Vimal will stay strong and resist the allure of Rama, but he gives in and cancels his date. Then he spends a romantic night in bed with his wife.

These two are becoming my favorite couple on the show. They're both so cute together and have great chemistry. However, if David has his way and makes Rama a star, just how is that going to affect Rama's relationship with Vimal. It seems there may be major trouble headed their way.

The Snoopster gives Dani a huge picture of himself that Dani and Jeffrey fight over, while Snoop gives Matthew some pearls of wisdom. He takes a different approach than the other adults have had. Instead of telling Matthew what he should do, he tells Matthew the way he's observed Matthew acting. Matthew says he's going to start doing better.

I don't think the problem is being a father to Drew, it's Destiny. If he tries being a father to Drew, she's going to take it as some sign he wants a relationship with her. He really needs to set her down and say he wants to have a relationship with his son, but he doesn't want to do likewise with her. That she needs to face facts that nothing is going to happen between them and to move on and let go of this fantasy she has.

I also want to give kudos to the writers for having some of the potty mouths called on their bad language. Dorian called out Jack and David for the way they were speaking in front of Sam. It's fine to have coarse language on the show, but there needs to be a balance. They need people to address the potty mouths about their language, especially around young children.

Finally, Nora has a meltdown about Bo putting out posters of her doing a radio show. She doesn't want anyone to know the DA is a DJ. Eventually, she agrees to give it a try for one night.

From the previews Todd goes to Blair worried she might be in danger and it seems she's right. See, he goes to Blair first, not Dani. If you're going to put together a list like that, put it in the right order.


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