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One Life To Live -- May 28, 2013

Updated on May 31, 2013

Snoop Dog pays a visit

Original Airing: May 28, 2013

I almost feel sorry for Jack. He’s got Blair saying he’s just like Todd and now Tea is claiming he’s just like Victor. It’s like they both want to fit this kid in a mold. Anyway, Tea gives it a shot at trying to get through to Jack. She tells him she doesn’t know where Victor is or when he’ll be coming back.

Apparently, the way Blair has it set up, it’s like she and Cutter are running two separate places. She’s in charge for a certain amount of time and Cutter is in charge for the rest. Somehow if the cops bust the place, I don’t think it’s going to get her off the hook. In short, she’ll go right down with Cutter, if she doesn’t start opening her eyes and starts seeing what’s going on around her.

Like some guy slipping a girl some pill that makes her straddle his lap and pretty much have sex with the guy in front of everyone in the club. As proprietor she should have gone over there and told them to get a room, because most places don’t let you behave like that and if you do they show you the door.

Dusky (the under-aged singer Blair and Cutter hired) seems to have a thing for Cutter. She also seems to ignore Rama’s warning about getting involved with Cutter.

It seems that The Banner isn’t the only thing Viki and Clint disagree on. Clint goes postal at the mention of McPain, while Viki encourages Natalie to get in touch with him. John left a message he wants to see Liam and threatened her with a lawyer if she tries to stop him. Wow, what a prince. I was actually sickened when Natalie [just like Destiny did about Matt] declared she loved John and she always would.

I’m sorry, but McPain always seemed so dirty to me. He wasn’t sexy dirty like Sawyer, but icky dirty so that you’d need to delouse yourself after being with him. That’s why I always likened him to McGruff the Crime Dog and I’m insulting McGruff by doing that.

When Natalie gets home she changes her mind about contacting John, saying she’s not going to let him ruin her life, again. Let’s just hope she sticks with it.

I’m not usually a Clint fan since Ross Marler took over the part, but I have to say I’m on Team Clint about The Banner and McPain. I think Viki should be made at McPain for the way he’s treated her daughter. And I think she should at least be willing to listen to Clint’s ideas about the paper.

Destiny dropped Drew by Three’s Company’s apartment since Matthew agreed to look after him. Only problem was Dani got Matthew to go out running with her and he totally forgot all about it. Destiny decided to wait around for him and learned that Jeffrey has a benefactor who helped pay for his schooling. Jeffrey encouraged Destiny to take financial help from Nora and Bo if they offer it. Destiny finally decides to give up waiting for Matthew as she has to get to work, just as Matthew and Dani finally return.

Finally, Snoop Dog drops by to see his good friends Bo and Nora and to promote his movie coming out. He reveals he’s now calling himself Snoop Lion. Bo invites him to Buchanan Poker night. When Clint, David and Bo don’t want to let Nora play, she says either they let her play or they find somewhere else to have it.


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