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One Life To Live -- May 30, 2013

Updated on May 31, 2013

Clint and Bo have words over Deadbeat Daddy Matthew

May 30, 2013

I’ve seen some viewers on Hulu complaining about the stories on One Life To Live compared to All My Children and I have to say they’ve got a point. While the show started off good, it’s kind of petered out. They had some great momentum with the Todd vs. Victor stuff, but I’m guessing Trevor St. John only agreed to do a few episodes. So he left again and now the stories have started to stagnate.

There hasn’t been much happening on the Blair and Todd front. Three’s Company and their non-stop boozing isn’t interesting. Nor is the Matthew character and his cyber romance. Nora the DJ went nowhere fast. Dorian has all but disappeared. The only interesting thing lately was Clint and Viki’s feuding over The Banner.

When Viki was having trouble with her Internet on her laptop, Jeffrey came over to try and help. While there he spotted a file on the Pellegrino Fund. He said he read something about it recently but couldn’t remember what it was. Will he figure out the truth about it in time for Viki to get out and save herself from Dorian’s devious trap?

At the Buchanan Poker Night Clint and Bo got into it about Deadbeat Dad Matthew. Bo told Clint to stay out of it because he’s not Matthew’s father, but Clint didn’t intend to. He believes Matthew should be made to live up to his responsibilities instead of shirking them. Bo was so upset about that he got advice from Snoop Dog on what he should do. No, you didn’t misread that sentence. Bo poured out his problems to Snoop Dog like he was the local perish priest. The Dog assured Bo he’s a good daddy and said he’d drop by Matthew’s and talk to him.

Matthew was still carrying on with Cyber Michelle. This time he was going to go on a cyber date with her as they cyber watched Casablanca. They both watched it at the same time from their separate locations and were talking to each other about what they thought about it.

Cutter had two feuding Deejays appear at Shelter, but Electrolux [okay, his real name was Lectroset, but that’s what his name reminded me of] was having a cow because he doesn’t share the spotlight with anyone. Later, Natalie saw Electrolux being passed money and a few seconds later the club lost power, again.

Todd got Blair to sing a song to entertain everyone and the song seemed to deeply affect both Todd and Blair. Then Todd left and looked at the fuse box and saw all the wires were cut inside. Maybe this will be enough to wake Blair up and get her to start opening her eyes to the stuff good old Cutter is into at that club.

I’m guessing that creepy looking dude that showed up at Shelter a few episodes back is doing this because good old Cutter owes him money. He seems to be the only one who would want to cause trouble at the club, aside from viewers who are sick to death of it, already.


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