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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 1

Updated on May 1, 2013

Who is the man with the tattoo?

Original Airing: Monday, April 29th, 2013

Flashback – the first time I saw One Life To Live was the day Karen Wolek testified on the stand in Viki’s murder trial. If there was a defining moment in the history of the show, this was it. It was also during the days the network actually had respect for its soaps and when the President interrupted for a speech, soaps were played in their entirety after the speech was over.

I bailed on the show after they made Todd’s return all about Screaming Mimi Tea Delgado and gave Blair the shaft. It made me so sick I turned it off. So I had no idea how the show ended.

The online version began not five years in the future, but seeming to coincide with what the One Life To Live characters had been doing over on GeneralHospital. Tea seemed to be still grieving over the fact that John McBain took her baby away from her and gave it to Sam. She was hanging in the empty nursery kind of acting like there was still a baby in the empty crib. She seems to be so out of it, she doesn’t realize her daughter, Dani, is spinning out of control.

Bo was reaming Matthew out when he found some oxy in Matthew’s room. Matthew stormed out and didn’t rat Dani out by revealing the stuff belongs to her. Most of the young crowd was heading to the opening of Blair and Cutter’s club, Club Shelter. Destiny showed up, played by a new actress, which I can only be thankful for. The previous actress irritated me so much I wanted to slap her. Anyway, it seems Matthew is a deadbeat daddy, and Destiny is raising Baby Drew on her own, and she seems to hate Matthew’s guts when he gets on her case for being at Club Shelter dancing the night away.

Natalie also heads to the club. She too, is raising Baby Liam, alone, only now he’s a toddler. Natalie may actually get interesting again now that McPain isn’t around. She and Cutter get into it and get into a hot dance on the dance floor. That is until Rama interrupts and says they’ve got trouble. Natalie goes home and broods on her sofa.

Clint is off house arrest and he and Viki are planning to remarry. He asks Bo if he’ll be his best man, and Bo says he’d love to.

Two men were fighting; one had a tattoo on his forearm. It looked like one man strangled another. Meanwhile, Todd was heading into a limo to Club Shelter, and the invitation he had had the same emblem on the card that the man has on his arm. Todd crashes into Club Shelter and Blair allows him in, wanting to know what he’s doing there. He tells her he isn’t there for her; he’s there looking for Dani. Earlier, Blair had come on to a young guy at the bar and was shot down when he said he wasn’t into cougars.

Dani has been lapping up booze like it’s going out of style [she mentioned earlier to Jack that it was Dad’s birthday, tonight, and I think she meant Victor] and right on cue she passes out on the floor in front of a clueless Tea, Todd and Blair. Todd carries her away. Meanwhile, the man with the tattoo’s [I’m assuming] face is revealed, and it’s Special Needs Victor, whom everyone thinks is dead. I couldn’t remember his name. I called him Fake Todd, then I recalled the nickname onliners gave him. So, Victor’s alive and stalking Todd, apparently. He sees Dani carried off, as well.

The old Viki/Dorian feud is heating up. Viki’s reporter, Jeffrey, cracked a story that’s putting Dorian’s senate career possibly in jeopardy. He claims Dorian was given CIA documents and she sat on them, while Dorian claims she did what she was supposed to do and handed them to the chairman. She heads over to Viki’s to confront her. Nigel is now butler for Viki at Llanfair.

David is filming a reality TV show and he’s got his own little fantasy going on in his head. As he tries to crash the opening of Club Shelter he’s decked out like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and even imagines he’s strutting in like John would have. Only reality doesn’t match up to fantasy and he can’t gain entrance.

Of the two revived shows, I thought One Life To Live was the better one. It had more of the original players than AMC does. AMC is filled with a lot of young newbies that have no connection with the viewers as of yet.

Roger Howarth is the only OLTL actor that took their character to GH and got grief from ProspectPark, that agreed to do both shows. I wish he’d stay with this show. I can wipe the whole horrid Todd/Carly mess from my mind with this show. He was featured in the opening with Blair. I would so love a real Todd/Blair reunion. Unfortunately, Howarth may opt to drop this show and stay with GH and whatever new character they dream up for him to play. Just hope he’s not back so they can say that RH Todd is an imposter and TSJ Todd is the real one. I hated TSJ’s take on Todd. I thought he’d ruined the character, personally.

I also so no sign of Tomas Delgado. I hope he doesn’t show up. I hated the pairing of him and Blair. Hopefully, he has obligations some place else and won’t be able to do this show.

I was also intrigued by Natalie and Cutter. The best thing that could happen to Natalie is being John McBainless, as his character not only brought the character of Natalie down by his dominance on the show was sucking the life out of it.

Anyway, this was a good start and it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from here.


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