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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 11

Updated on May 16, 2013

Original Airing: May 15, 2013

One thing I could complain about the show is that they skipped past a lot of good drama by fast-forwarding to Todd being just fine without showing how anyone reacted when they learned he’d been brought to the hospital. Did Blair even care enough to come to the hospital when Jack told her about Todd? She sure didn’t seem to give a crap about Todd when he came to visit her at the club. The only one that seemed to care was Viki. Dani was whining that no way would precious Saint Vic have tried to harm Todd. Maybe Mama Tea should show what precious Saint Vic did to that poor innocent giraffe that did nothing wrong aside from having a goofy look on his face and Vic ripped the poor critter’s head off.

I wanted to smack the crap out of Bo when he kept proclaiming Todd was lying about precious Saint Vic trying to kill him, even though Todd had marks on his neck. He even suggested Todd had something to do with Vic’s disappearance. Todd told him Vic bragged about poisoning him. Bo had Natalie examine the liquor decanter. When Natalie said there was no sign of arsenic, Bo said he’d believed Todd and wanted to arrest him for lying. Yeah, right, you sure acted like you believed Todd. Then Natalie has the brilliant idea to test the stopper. Vic forgot to clean it and she found traces of arsenic on it. Yep, every criminal makes one fatal mistake. He cleaned the decanter and replaced it with clean booze and even wiped his fingerprints off the room, but he didn’t clean the stopper. Sucks to be you, Vic. Wonder what the devoted Victormites will say to that.

Todd stopped by Shelter to see Blair and she wouldn’t believe Saint Vic would try to kill Todd. Yeah, because he’s always treated you so well, right, Blair? I don’t know what the heck they’re doing with Blair. She questioned Cutter about ordering expensive booze, but didn’t question him about serving booze to minors. And he may even be running a prostitution ring out of the VIP Lounge. All she’s worried about is her money; she’d better hope she doesn’t end up losing her freedom for whatever illegal activities Cutter has got running out of that club. As her partner, that makes her his accomplice. What kind of idiot would go into business with Cutter?

We had some more cringeworthy Three’s Company moments. Dani came home to find the little crud Matthew trying to take suggestive photos of himself to post to his Facebook hoochie. Meanwhile, Jeffrey spent some quality time with Destiny and convinced her to bring Drew by the apartment. They walked in on a suggestive moment between Dani and Matthew and Destiny took off. I’m sorry but the little crud doesn’t want to be a father to that kid, so just leave it alone. Little Drew is better off without this crud in his life.

Clint was worried when he learned Viki invested everything into the Pellegrino scam. He warned her it wasn’t safe to put all your eggs in one basket. It’s the same thing Todd warned her about. Only she hasn’t listened and she’ll only have herself to blame when Dorian gloats in her face about how she tricked her.


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