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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 2

Updated on May 2, 2013

Original Airing: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

After Dani’s swoon at Club Shelter, all the patrons start heading for the nearest exit. Not sure if it was the Deejay or the musical entertainment, but whomever it was wants no part of the drug scene. Thank you, Dumbnelle. Cutter has Rama give away free booze and he cranks up the music to stop the opening from becoming a disaster.

Viki wonders how a junior senator like Dorian ended up being put on an intelligence committee and says she’s not retracting the story. Dorian claims she did the right thing. Viki tells Jeffrey if Dorian is telling the truth, than this is an even bigger story than they thought. Meanwhile David tries to make Dorian see Senator Ashford and Senator Cohen are using her for a fall guy, but she doesn’t want to believe it.

Most of the action turns to the hospital over Dumb Dani, one of the most annoying characters to ever be on this show. When the doctor asks what Dumbelina took, Matthew steps up and reveals it was Oxy. Of course, that sets Screaming Mimi Delgado off on a tirade against Matthew. Todd tells her to leave the kid alone and stop blaming him because she’s a crummy mother. Enter Special Needs Victor who attacks Todd for telling this shrieking virago a few home truths about herself. Everyone is shocked that he’s alive and they’d be even more shocked he murdered someone just recently, too.

Screaming Mimi Delgado confides to her beloved Victor she’s not sure she wants to be a mother, anymore. While Todd and Blair get into one of their classic arguments in the cafeteria. He wants to know why she’s opened a nightclub when she knows nothing about running a nightclub and suggests Dani got the drugs there. She tries to get Todd to cool it and not go after Victor because their donkey’s butt son, Jack, loves him. You know, when they were recasting Matthew and Destiny, couldn’t they have also recast Jack. I see the same talentless dink is still playing the part and he’s the same Todd Hater/Special Needs Victor Lover who blames Todd for everything that happens. Todd has to watch as Special Needs’ hugs Prince Donkey Butt.

Todd showed up in town because Dani drunk dialed him. He figured she was in trouble and needed help. While Screaming Mimi Delgado was too busy playing with her empty crib.

Dorian reveals to David that she’s been terrified ever since that woman approached her about leaking the documents. And when she sees that reporters have camped outside her house, she realizes she needs to start doing some damage control and getting her side of the story out.

The Banner is apparently in trouble and this story has helped the ailing newspaper as Jeffery reveals the story has gone viral and all the major news outlets have picked up the story. Viki released it in the online version of The Banner instead of waiting to release it in the printed version.

This is actually a very now story. Up here in Vermont The Times Argus has reduced the size of its paper and barely has any ads in their wanted section. They’re trying to get people to subscribe online to reduce printing and delivery costs. It’s really sad seeing what The Times Argus has been reduced to. And I’m sure it’s true for a lot of newspapers across the country.

Meanwhile it isn’t long before Special Needs is whining how Todd stole a year of his life. Yeah, and how many years of Todd’s life did you steal? But that’s all right, isn’t it? I still hate the way he gets free passed for that.

The doctor comes out to reveal that Dani will be all right. I never thought she wouldn’t be. We couldn’t be that lucky.

From the opening credits it seems that there’s going to be some triangle between Rama/Cutter/Natalie. I actually like the actress that plays Rama. I think she’s got a lot of potential. Rama is also dancing around with David and that could be bad news for Dorian and her Vickerman.

My favorite part of the opening is Todd and Blair. I also love the respect that Prospect Park is giving the vets. ABC treated them like crap. The one person I felt the worst about OLTL being cancelled was Erika Slezak. To me she is One Life To Live. I’m glad she’s back as Viki. She’s been missed. And Robin Strasser has long had bad blood with ABC, so I’m thrilled she’s also back as Dorian. I’m guessing this whole senate story is to get Dorian back to making mischief in Llanview where she belongs.


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