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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 3

Updated on May 2, 2013

Original Airing: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It finally becomes obvious that the senators that Dorian trusted have hung her out to dry. She decides to book herself on talk shows. When Viki drops by to ask Dorian to give her the exclusive on her resignation from the senate, needless to say Dorian tells Viki where she can go. Dorian also takes time out from her own troubles to council Blair to not get involved with Todd again.

At the same time, Viki is trying to council Todd to let Dani have her reunion with her beloved Special Needs Victor. When she sees Vic she starts screaming like a banshee. What made this scene so stupid is Screaming Mimi Delgado doesn’t think to take Special Needs out of the room until the numbskull calms down and just has him stay there as the idiot in the bed keeps screaming. And none of the hospital staff comes in to find out what the fool is screaming about and tell Special Needs to step out of the room. Finally Screaming Mimi Jr. stops screaming and hugs Special Needs. When Todd comes to see her and makes her tell why she’s been doing drugs, she blames everything on Todd. Special Needs, however, is the golden light in her life. Yeah, she was whistling a different tune when the psycho caught her and her boyfriend up at the cabin before Todd came back. Special Needs them sashays back in and closes the door in Todd’s face and tells him to stay away from his family. Only it’s not your family, Special Needs, it’s the family you stole from Todd.

Viki and Todd get into one of their classic conversations that was missing when TSJ was playing Todd. Todd is referring to himself as a reporter and she ribs him about The Sun being a rag. So does Jeffrey when he shows up. Todd gets Viki right back suggesting that she’s relished taking down Dorian. It would be great to see Todd back running The Sun and giving The Banner a run for its money.

Supposedly, Allison Perkins has been keeping Special Needs prisoner all this time. Why she’d want him is anyone’s guess. I’m guessing this was revealed in the final episodes of the network version of the show, which I didn’t see. And he’s not telling how he escaped. My guess if Monday’s episode was anything to go by, he’s left a long trail of bodies behind him. Again, I’d love to know why they want to keep the dude on ice.

Nora makes up with Matthew while he and Jeffrey look for an apartment to share. The future roommates also get a visit from Screaming Mimi Delgado who warns Matthew if he ever knows about Dani taking drugs and doesn’t tell her she’ll be all over him like white on rice. Both he and Jeffrey promise to keep an eye on the idiot.

The thing that turned me off before was all of Todd’s kids acting like Todd was the bad guy for wanting his life back when Special Needs stole it from him. And Special Needs Victor got a total free pass for stealing Todd’s life. And the same thing was still going on in this episode.

When Dumbnelle was blaming Todd for everything wrong in her precious little life, she mentioned Tea going off to search for Tomas. Please tell me, Tomas, isn’t going to be coming back to the show. There’s already too many Delgados on this show for my taste. I’d love to trade a few Delgados for Vegas. Carlotta and Cristian to be exact. Tomas had no chemistry with Blair and having to watch them together was beyond painful.

I’m still wondering how long Roger Howarth will be on the show. He’s in the opening credits with Blair, which gives me hope. I wish he’d decide that the online soap is a more enjoyable working environment than working on General Hospital and stay with it permanently.

I remember how nasty Trevor St. John fans were about Roger Howarth when he returned as Todd, but I think you have to give the man credit. He’s the only one of the OLTL/GH actors that Prospect Park said couldn’t appear as the characters they’d played on OLTL that kept good relations with both ABC and Prospect Park and offered to do both shows. Not that I’m not tickled pink that John McPain hasn’t come to the online version. As I said before, he and his Debbie Downer version of McGruff the crime fighting dog really brought the show down, so he can stay over at GH, forever.

Overall, I hope the show keeps their cast smaller, since I think it leads to more tighter storytelling without trying to tell too many stories for too many characters. It’s why I like the thirty minute episodes. They seem more tighter and better written than an hour long episode. I have to say that even though it’s still early days, so far these online soaps are far better than what the network soaps are putting out.


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