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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 4

Updated on May 4, 2013

Vic goes psycho on a toy giraffe

Original Airing: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things just keep getting worse for Dorian. Senator Cohen is starting an ethics committee investigation against Dorian. A snippy remark Dorian made is being published in The Banner Online where Dorian said the American public are idiots. Viki didn’t want to use it, but Jeffrey convinced her to. Can I say I don’t really care very much for Jeffrey? He acts like The Banner is his paper and not Viki’s. The sad thing is for once Dorian is innocent and they’re helping to fry an innocent woman just to keep their newspaper in business. Then Dorian is being interviewed by a reporter of Skype and it turns into a disaster when the reported brings up her remark about the public being idiots. David tried to warn her not to do the interview and this was one time Dorian should have listened to him. Afterwards, Dorian vows Viki is going to pay for this. Yep, the feud is back on.

Rama is appalled to see herself trashed in the newspaper as they report on what a disaster the opening of Shelter was. Behind that newspaper is none other than Vimal. He tells Rama he still loves her and wants to be married to her. Rama says that she loves him, but they married too young. In twenty years they’ll end up cheating on each other because they’ll start wondering if something better is out there for them. That’s when Vimal shocks and delights Rama by suggesting they have an open marriage and have other relationships while being married. That’s how much he loves Rama and wants to be married to him. She happily agrees to that. The ground rules are they don’t tell each other about their other relationships. I really like Rama and Vimal. They make a cute couple and the actors play well off of each other.

Another pair that plays well off each other and still have IT no matter how many years they start playing together again is Todd and Blair. Todd drops by Shelter to see Jack and wants to share a beer with him. The little dink, of course, blows Todd off and tells Blair and Todd to get reacquainted. Blair lists of litany of all of Todd’s sins: he shot Vic and left him for dead, he let Tomas [yeah, they mentioned the T word again. The sick feeling I get every time I hear that name is just increasing.] and how he left them to go off to Port Charles, telling him to go back there. Yet, it may be all a smokescreen to stop her from giving into Todd, as she looked ready to cave when Todd gave her a flower and pressed up against her. What I love about Todd and Blair is the way they look at each other says so much more than the words spewing out of their mouths.

Okay, I’m going to stop calling Victor Special Needs Victor. I think people would find it offensive. Heck, I find it offensive. I was just using the name people online thought up for him. Anyway, Vic and Tea get it on. I got a shock when she stripped off her dress. I didn’t know that was a brown strip of material and thought she was wearing some belly-baring outfit. Afterwards she notices the tattoo on the arm and talks about going after the person that put it on him and he tells her to back off. Yeah, there’s a lot Vic’s not telling and some of it hopefully will leave him not smelling like the rose he’s being made out to be.

Later, he spots the nursery and Tea leads him through her harrowing tale of how she got knocked up by him and Todd didn’t tell her that Vic Jr. was dead and gave her another baby to take his place. He acts like he’s all understanding about it, but it looks like he’s got a psycho look in his eyes. And darned if he doesn’t. When Tea leaves the room, he starts choking the giant stuffed giraffe like he did to that guy he offed on Monday’s show. He gets so into it, he rips the giraffe’s head right off it’s body. I’m sure is Tea finds it, she’ll think Todd came in and ripped the head off to frame her poor innocent Victor since Todd is to blame for everything.

What Vic doesn’t know is the nursery has a hidden camera and somebody is watching him. I don’t recall if Irene Manning is dead, but I’d love for them to bring her back. I liked the actress who played her and how truly evil this character was. She made Dorian look like a Girl Scout.

So the big mystery seems to be who is after Victor and just what is he hiding. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with his, especially if I were a stuffed giraffe. I think this is going to be just another axe he has to grind against Todd. I really think Todd may be in danger from him.

And let’s not forget that Todd had some kind of invitation or card with the same tattoo on it that Vic has on his arm. So is who ever is after Vic after Todd, too? Or is Todd someone behind what happened to Victor? I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s taken a lot off Victor and it’s very un-Todd not to give back as good as he’s gotten.


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