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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 6

Updated on May 8, 2013

Original Airing: May 7, 2013

I told you so. Victor’s a freaking psycho. He keeps hearing echoing in his psychotic little head that Todd switched the babies. So he starts looking up poison on the Internet and decides Arsenic is just what he’s looking for. After blowing off dinner with his devoted wife and children, he sneaks in Todd’s room and put Arsenic in his wine decanter. When Todd comes back in he pours himself a drink and begins drinking it.

Tea brought Dani home from the hospital and she couldn’t wait to get away from her. When Tea tries to force her to remain in the house, she storms out and finds Jeffrey and Matthew. She claims her near overdose was a wake-up call and she won’t be messing around with drugs again and she wants to know where Matthew and Jeffrey’s apartment is, but they don’t tell her. I’d bet money she’ll end up convincing them to let her move in.

Later, Tea takes Jack and Dani, who stick their noses in their air when they see Todd to Shelter for their family dinner sans their beloved Victor. I’m sorry, but who has a family dinner at a nightclub when one of the kids is underage? Yeah, more of Tea’s great mothering skills on display. By the way, I thought Dani was younger than Starr, but now she’s 21? Good God, how old does that make Starr? Todd and Blair had Starr long before Ms. Delgado trotted into Llanview.

Jeffrey sees a girl on a dating sight that he’s interested in and contacts her. He sends her and picture of him and Matthew. But after Jeffrey leaves, the girl contacts Matthew. Matthew lets her friend him on Facebook. That’s not good friend ethics letting someone your friend is into make contact with you.

Nora finds Natalie asleep at her desk and notices she’s not looking that good these days. She asks if this is about John leaving her. Natalie feels there’s something wrong with her. Nora suggests they take Natalie shopping for a whole new wardrobe as a start to Natalie fixing whatever she feels is wrong with her. Clint also stops by and asks Natalie to move into Llanfair, but she turns him down. She says she wants to do this on her own.

Clint asks Matthew to be his assistant, but sends a chill up my spine when he warns Matthew not to make him regret it. He wants to groom Matthew to take over Buchanan Industries some day. Clint seems more like Matthew’s father than Bo does. I won’t if the Buchy Boys are going to have some trouble over Clint and Matthews relationship?

David tries to get Todd to be on his reality TV show. He secretly tapes Todd as he talks about Blair and says he thinks she did a good job with Shelter. When Blair shows up, Todd tries against to make inroads with her, but she’s having none of it. She says the last time she believed him when he said he loved her, but she’ll never do that again. When she cuts him off the booze Todd returns to his room, not realizing Victor has a poisoned the wine in his room.

It seems Big Brother is also watching Shelter. A hidden camera was recording the goings on at the club, as well.

The big question seems to be if someone will find Todd in time to save his life? Will it be Blair? Will David show Blair the footage of Todd talking about her that he filmed? Will she find him and rush him to the hospital? If Todd is rushed to the hospital, will they discover he’s been poisoned by Arsenic?

The sad thing is even if they suspect that psycho Victor did it, you can bet the three dunces: Tea, Dani and Jack, will defend Victor for what he did and free pass him on it. That’s how dumb and ridiculous they are in regards to their beloved idol, Victor.

I will say this for the psycho, I can understand him pushing Tea away. I thought the sitting on his lap was a bit much. They weren’t having a romantic moment and he wasn’t putting off any romantic vibes. Try sitting on the couch next to him or a chair.


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