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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 8

Updated on May 9, 2013

Original Airing: May 8, 2013

It seems Todd only passed out from consuming too much booze, but he’s feeling sick. He goes to visit Victor and offers him a truce. Todd is worried about Jack. He suggests they fake it for the kids’ sake. Todd’s worried about him playing too much video games. Turns out Todd is right to be worried. Blair discovers Jack has been skipping school. Of course, he blames it all on Todd. Victor goes over to spend time with Jack and Sam, and of course will get kudos for being a wonderful father, when he wouldn’t have even gone to see Jack if Todd hadn’t said anything. Blair notices Todd doesn’t look well, either, and thinks he has the flu, telling him to keep away.

Todd goes back to his hotel room and is about to take a nap of the couch, when Victor knocks on his door, but doesn’t answer when Todd calls out. He was probably seeing if Todd kicked off, yet. This causes Todd to get up and pour himself another drink of the tainted booze.

Seems having Victor back living at home hasn’t made everything wonderful in her life and she gets Matthew and Jeffrey to let her move into their new apartment. Matthew convinces Jeffrey to go along with it, saying it’ll allow them to keep a close eye on her. Jeffrey figures out Matthew is chatting with Michelle online and isn’t upset about it, since he’s not interested in her, after all.

Dorian watches herself on You Tube, I’m guessing, giving her resignation speech. She hates she had to do it. Later she goes through her files as Senator Dorian and comes across a file called the Pellegrino Fund that seems to lift her spirits. Meanwhile, Viki is in despair upon learning that because of ten years of debt keeping The Banner going, may cause it to go under. She has to tell she doesn’t have the money to hire him and turns down Clint’s offer of money to bail her out.

Natalie and Destiny butt into each other. They accidentally bump butts and have a meeting of the Llanview Single Mothers Association. Clint and Matthew arrive. Clint tears into Matthew and tries to get him to man-up and start being a father to his son. Matthew looks through the window at Destiny and Drew, but it remains to seen if he actually went in. Something tells me if Destiny wasn’t in the picture, Matthew might be taking more of a part in his child’s life. I don’t get the feeling he wants to get involved with her and he thinks if he starts playing daddy she’ll want to get involved with him, again.

You know what would be hilarious? If Jack gets blamed for poisoning Todd. He’s always whining about him and telling him to go away. It would be nice to see the little punk get a taste of his own medicine for a change.

Another hilarious thing would be if Dorian secretly bails Viki out of her financial trouble and then reveals she’s half owner of The Banner. Then she could give Jeffrey and Viki a little payback for helping to ruin her senate career.


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