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One Life To Live Online -- Episode 9

Updated on May 14, 2013

Original Airing: May 14, 2013

It seems the Todd being poisoned with arsenic story is over. He was walking around and no one was telling him how bad he looked. Instead Viki was playing the violin about Poor Victor and all he’s been through and questioning if Todd was really on the level about making peace with him. Too bad Viki won’t realize she didn’t even rate a goodbye by poor little Victor.

Seeing the man with the tattoo on his forearm in town, Victor announced to Tea he had to go. I really hate what an abusive hag she is with all her hitting him and screaming like a banshee. She insisted he say goodbye to the kids and they had an eye-rolling group hug.

Before little Vic left town, Jack was all happy about the computer Todd bought him, But after he was gone, he smashed the new computer. Let me guess. The little twit is blaming Todd for Victor leaving. No, your precious Vic is involved in something and that’s why he left.

Blair wasn’t thrilled by Todd’s present of the expensive computer. She also told Todd that Jack is Todd and won’t forgive him. Okay, I’m kind of curious what it is Jack won’t forgive Todd for. For being alive and wanting to reclaim the life his precious Vic stole from him? Maybe it’s for putting him on the black market as a baby, but he had no problem when he thought Vic had done the same. Right now Jack is a total waste of space. The daddy he’s embracing hasn’t treated him all that well, so his devotion to him is rather sickening.

Matthew gives Destiny a hard time when she drops off Drew to be babysit by Dani. When Dani has to book it to say goodbye to Vic, Matthew reluctantly agrees to look after the kid. He also irritates Jeffrey because he doesn’t like that Jeffrey likes Destiny even though he doesn’t want Destiny. The only one he can give sympathy to is Dani, and that’s probably because he’d love to get in her pants.

It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth that the most interesting story on the show, Todd being poisoned, was just dropped the way it was. What was the point when it came to nothing. I’m also sick of hearing about poor Saint Victor. The guy has never been a saint and as far as I’m concerned he can stay gone. I’m just sorry he didn’t take the screaming banshee with him.

It doesn’t seem that all the hidden cameras are connected with the tattoo people. If they knew where Victor was, they could have easily snatched and grabbed him. So there may be two factions at work here.


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