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One Life To Live Online -- June 18, 2013

Updated on July 22, 2013

Who is the most pathetic female on the show?

That would be little Miss Density. It's not a typo, of which I make many on a regular basis. It's the name I've called this annoying character back in the day when the show was back on ABC. I don't care who is playing the role, this character sucks.

She thinks because she put out and pushed a kid out because she didn't have the brains to protect herself that Matthew is now her property. This guy she wants so badly she can taste it but pretends like she doesn't is a dead beat dad. I doubt he's contributed one cent to her kid's upbringing and he'd rather spend his time pursuing some cyber catfish then spend any time with his own kid. Seriously, what does it take for this chick to wake-up, smell the coffee and move on.

It sad and pathetic that all Dead Beat Daddy Matthew has to do is smile in her direction and she gets some soppy look on her face. And the way she went after Dani because she thought she and Matthew might have slept together like some screeching enraged bird that was about to peck Dani's eyes out, just made her even more disgusting. Jeffrey run don't walk away from this moron.

I also thought Dani's declaration of being so lonely she could die was a little over the top, as well.Sounds like Dani is going to be prime plucking for lecherous Arturo. Then Density can breathe a sigh of relief that Dani isn't a threat to Matthew coming back to her one day and making the perfect family with her. I think deep down she knows that Matthew's feelings for Dani are stronger than whatever he had for her, and that's why the thought of Matthew and Dani is such a threat. Right now, she's just letting her man sow his wild oats just knowing that one day he'll come back to her and her baby, who may be in college by then. That's how pathetic and ridiculous she is.

Meanwhile Matthew's catfish accused Matthew of trying to seduce her into bed, but she put out anyway. Anything Matthew is becoming fast forward fodder for me. Unfortunately, you can't really fast forward through scenes when you're watching online. One of the major drawbacks of watching shows online. You have to just sit through the scenes and do email or something else while they're going on.

Nora's latest radio broadcast was going to be about Woodstock. She and Bo were apparently going through some old photos and realized they had both been at Woodstock at the same time and even captured in a photograph together. Bo wanted Nora to let him join her in her broadcast as the Night Owl, but she refused. So he called her up during her broadcast so he could still be on air with her.

You know, I'm actually feeling sorry for Dorian. David doesn't even really feel bad about kissing Rama and he looks almost anxious to move out on Dorian. Which he did when another executive, this time a woman, said she wanted to pick up his reality show, he couldn't walk out that door fast enough.

While I felt Dorian was getting what she deserved after what she'd just done at Viki's, what David did was wrong. He and Dorian haven't agreed to an open marriage like Vimal and Rama so you cheated buster and it might help if you acted a little sorry about it. As for Rama, if she actually boffs David she's a fool. She has a great guy in Vimal. David is just not worth risking your marriage for. Yeah, I know she and Vimal agreed to an open marriage, but agreeing is one thing and screwing someone else is quite another. David loved Dorian as much as David can love anyone who isn't named David Vickers and look how he treated her? Risking losing a great guy for a scum bum like David is dumb. So is wanting an open marriage. Once you bring someone else into your marriage bed your marriage will never be the same again and you may never feel about each other the same way you did before.

The best part of this episode was the last scene featuring Blair and Todd. It always amazes me when I think about how many times Roger Howarth has come and gone and all the horrible things Todd and Blair have done to each other, but these two never lose that fantastic chemistry they've always shared together.

The scene began with Blair waiting for Todd to return from setting up Victor's fake body. He returned home cold and shivering. Blair was concerned for him and one thing lead to another and nature took its course. Unfortunately, this may end up just being a one-off.

Roger Howarth has a commitment to General Hospital and his time on the show may be limited. When they run through Howarth's current episodes, that may be it for Todd. While I personally think he's getting a better quality of work on the online soap, he's contracted to GH and he probably gets more money, as well.

Trevor St. John fans have been braying about this from day one that Howarth wasn't back for good. They seem to think it's his fault their boy Trevor only was back for a handful of episodes. Hate to break it to you, guys, but he only agreed to a handful of episodes. The real story laid with the two Todd's in town. So even if Howarth is gone for good, that doesn't mean your beloved Trevor will be back full-time.

In short, One Life To Live may be Toddless. Paolo Seganti might be able to make up for the loss, if they'd stop having his character playing with little girls. Just makes Arturo seem like a creepy letch.

But even if this is all we'll get of Todd and Blair it was a great scene. Like Rick told Elsa, we'll always have Paris.


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