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One Life To Live Online -- May 15, 2013

Updated on May 15, 2013

Original Airing: May 15, 2013

Well, I got my answer to if Blair knows what the heck is going on in the VIP Lounge. She doesn’t. She’s trusting Cutter to run the club carte blanche. One of the things Cutter is doing is serving liquor to minors. He apparently has something going with the bartender and she gets jealous of his interest in Natalie so she decides to play by the rules and not serve any minors. When the singer Cutter is auditioning wants booze and is a minor, Blair tells he she won’t be getting any and it’s up to her if she wants to audition for the club given those rules. The singer goes along with that and is hired.

Blair better start getting her head out of her butt and find out all the stuff Cutter is doing at this club. If the cops bust him, she’ll go down right with him as his partner. She can’t plead I trusted him and I didn’t start trying to find out what he was up to. She’s his partner so whatever he does she’s responsible for. Considering this guy’s history she’d be smart to keep a close eye to what he’s doing. Knowing what he was, she went into business with him. It’s pure stupidity to just sashay around the club and not see what her nefarious partner has going at her club.

The worst part of this episode had to be the drinking games Three’s Company were playing. First they played some game that seen them downing drinks as they stripped down to their skivvies. Then they decided to play Truth Or Dare, which had Dani and Matthew kissing, and when it got a little real for both of them, they went to their separate bedrooms. Hope Jeffrey enjoys going to work the next day with a hangover.

Meanwhile things turned real ugly between the Lord brothers. When Todd told Victor he was only playing him about the truce, Victor got violent. Todd was incensed that Victor was abandoning the kids again. Victor’s response was to punch Todd in the throat and strangle him. As he was strangling him, he revealed Todd hadn’t had the flu, but had been suffering from arsenic poisoning courtesy of him.

Victor left Todd lying on the floor seemingly dead. A few seconds later for some reason Jack entered Todd’s room and found him and called 911. At the same time Tea returned to her nursery to wallow in her pit of misery and found what Victor did to the giraffe. Funniest expression I read online to describe what Victor did to Todd was he giraffed him.

I guess the big question is if Todd survives, if he tells what Victor said about trying to poison him, will anyone including his Victor-loving kids, believe him? If the poison has worked out of his system, he’ll have no way to prove it. And you can bet Tea isn’t going to tell how Victor giraffed the giraffe.


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