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One Life To Live Online -- May 16, 2013

Updated on May 16, 2013

Another of Victor's victims is discovered

Original Airing: May 16, 2013

An unseen person was shown watching all the people of Llanview on his closed-circuit cameras. Speculation is because All My Children brought back super villain Billy Clyde Tuggle, One Life To Live is going to do the same. Some believe The Watcher will turn out to be Mitch Laurence.

Maybe there’s some hope for Dani. She actually considered the possibility Todd was telling the truth and Victor tried to poison him and strangle him. Teahag and Jack won’t consider the possibility it could be true. No, Todd’s lying, it all Todd’s fault and Victor is blameless, per usual.

Another of Victor’s victims showed up. This one floated belly-up to the surface in the water and like Todd, he too was strangled. He also had the same tattoo on his forearm that beloved Victor has. Teahag refused to believe Victor might be involved in his death, and to prove it she gave Bo a hanky of Victor’s she just happens to be carrying around in her purse with her. Natalie tells Teahag that Vic’s DNA matched the DNA found under the fingernails of the strangulation victim. I guess strangling people is Victor’s signature kill.

I was puzzled why Natalie was so Pro-Victor and was so sorry she had to tell Teahag the bad news about Victor. When was Victor ever nice to her? Pretty much never, I think. That’s what’s so frustrating about this Victor Love Cult going on in Llanview. He’s done absolutely nothing to deserve it. He was a crud to pretty much everyone in town, but since he’s not Todd they’re all kissing his backside and singing the lament of Poor Innocent Victor.

After Natalie left Teahag actually looked at the history of websites Victor had visited in recent days. And lo and behold she discovered he was looking up info on poison. Arsenic in particular. Will she finally face the truth about Victor? On the bright side she finally packed up his circle of pain aka the dead baby nursery. I guess she didn’t want anyone to see what Vic had done to that poor innocent stuffed giraffe.

Destiny rejected a present Nora tried to give her. She doesn’t mind Nora buying things for Drew, but she draws the line at her giving her present, too.

Matthew dived further into his relationship with Michelle trying to put thoughts of Dani out of his mind. When Dani came home, he comforted her over her upset that Victor had done what Todd said he did. I’m wondering if this Matthew/Michelle stuff is going to lead to some kind of cautionary tale about being careful about people you meet over Facebook and the Internet.

Clint presented Viki with tickets to Paris. He wants Viki to marry him right away. I can’t help but think this has been inspired by his worry that Viki is going to crash and burn financially for investing everything she has in the Pellegrino scam and he wants to be her golden parachute when the bottom falls out.

Todd tried to approach Jack and thank him for saving him. Jack said he only came by to tell him he destroyed his expensive computer and then claimed he wished he had let Todd die. After storming off, he went to go see Viki. He actually referred to Todd as his father. He was worried he’s inherited Todd’s bad DNA and Viki tried to reassure him that we all make our own choices and don’t have to do bad things.

So, if Mitch is coming back, could he be running another cult with all these tattoed people. When Victor first came to town he was pretending to be Walker Laurence, Mitch’s brother. And he claims Allison was keeping him prisoner and Allison was obsessed with Mitch and part of the original cult he had been running out of the Waterside Inn. It does seem to fit.


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    • ParadigmEnacted profile image

      ParadigmEnacted 5 years ago

      Cool. I didn't know about all that Walker Lawrence history and the cult. That's probably it then. Do you think he is Walker Lawrence?


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