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One Life To Live Online -- May 21, 2013

Updated on May 23, 2013

Original Airing: May 21, 2013

Dorian is putting the final touches on her plan to pull the rug out from under Viki. She want to take David, Jack and Blair out to celebrate; but she definitely doesn’t tell them just what it is she’s celebrating. Jack ruins Dorian’s plans when he storms out of the room saying he doesn’t want to go out with her and no one ever listens to what he has to say.

David goes out to Shelter with his camera crew saying he needs to find a sidekick who won’t take the spotlight from him. Enter Rama who is a Vickerman groupie. Although she may succeed in stealing the spotlight from him.

Natalie offers to cook for Cutter if he wants to go to her place on Thursday and he agrees.

Viki calls Todd over to discuss Jack, who she’s worried about. She counsels him on how to deal with Jack. Later, Clint says Jack is doomed considering he’s had the Wonder Twins, Todd and Victor, as his father. Meanwhile when Viki doesn’t want to have to downsize, she agrees to taking some financial help from Clint.

Bo questions Todd about the tattoo and he claims not to know anything about it. However, he recalls receiving a note with the tattoo mark on it telling him to finish what he started with Victor. In other words, this time make sure he’s not only really dead, but most sincerely dead.

Tea arrives and demonstrates why I can’t stand her character. She demands Todd leave Bo’s office because The Queen has arrived. She has this insufferable air of privilege about herself like she think everyone owes her something and should step aside when she comes prancing in the room. Todd listens outside the door as Tea shows Bo that Victor was researching poisons. She wants Victor arrested, feeling he’ll be safe. Somehow I don’t think Victor would agree with her logic.

The Watcher is once again shown to be watching several key locations in Llanview. Among the locales are The Dead Baby Nursery [which mustn’t be getting much traffic these days] and Viki’s living room at Llanfair,

Finally, Jeffrey tries to warn Matthew about his online love connection, Michelle. He tries to tell him he knows nothing about her and has no way of verifying everything she’s told him about himself. Unfortunately, Matthew isn’t listening.

Clint told Viki he’s trying to get Matthew to own up to his responsibilities. My question is why isn’t Bo the one doing that? Matthew is Bo’s son, right? I know Clint took the blame for Matthew’s crime, but isn’t it time Bo cowboy’s up and makes Matthew act like an adult? Why is he letting Clint do his job for him?

Previews show that Cutter appears to forget all about his dinner plans with Natalie. And Viki and Clint are already having a disagreement over The Banner and how she’s running it.

Clint’s financial help may actually lessen the impact of Dorian’s revenge plan. Viki may not lose The Banner, after all, which would have devastated her.


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