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One Life To Live Online -- May 23, 2013

Updated on May 24, 2013

Original Airing: May 23, 2013

Nora and Bo were lamenting over Matthew’s refusal to be a father to Drew, so Nora came up with the idea to get Matthew and Destiny back together. Destiny would apparently be more than willing declaring she loves Matthew and always will. Girl doesn’t have much self-respect, does she? If he treated me the way he treats her, that love would have died a long time ago. Destiny may be the reason Matthew won’t have anything to do with Drew, because he knows she comes along with the package and if he tries to be a father to Drew she’ll start assuming that he wants her, too.

Over at Three’s Company, Dani has a hot sex fantasy about Matthew. She secretly reads Matthew’s chat conversation with Cyber Michelle and uses what she read to get Matthew to do something with her.

Clint comes up for some good ideas for the paper, but Viki won’t even consider them because she’s the boss. So Clint goes to Jeffrey with his ideas, and she actually likes them when Jeffrey suggests them, until he reveals the ideas were originally Clint’s. Viki threatens to give Clint back his money if he doesn’t stop interfering with the running of her paper. Considering how bad her judgment is at present, she could use the help.

This present story with Viki and Clint is actually old school Clint and Viki. When Clint first came to town when Viki was married to Joe Riley and Joe was dying, Clint and Viki were at loggerheads over how The Banner should be run. That’s one thing I like about who is writing the show these days. They’re using the show’s history. However it is actually knows the show, which is a refreshing change.

Todd comes by to make inroads with Jack, but he wants nothing to do with him, and he won’t hear the truth about his Precious Victor. Todd asks Blair to help him and she tries, but he won’t listen to her, either. Now, he’d rather cling to the Faux Daddy that wasn’t even going to say goodbye to him before he split town.

Cutter has to break his Thursday date with Natalie because he has some big event planned at the club. They reschedule for another night. Since Cutter’s being so shifty about what it really is and he has a bartender selling booze to minors and whatever else he’s got going in the VIP Lounge, it probably isn’t legal whatever he’s got planned. That being the case, getting involved with a cop isn’t exactly a bright idea.

Natalie tells Viki she’s interested in someone and Viki urges her that its time to let John go since she hasn’t heard from him, forever. Of course, McPain always seems to instinctively know when Natalie is about to move beyond him and not stand around waiting for him like a devoted puppy dog. Natalie looks at her cell phone and discovers she has a missed call from John Boy.


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