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One Life To Live Online -- Thoughts For The Week

Updated on May 6, 2013
  1. The thing that turned me off One Life To Live and had me turn it off before it aired it’s last episode is still happening. Saint Victor vs. Evil Todd. And then to hear Victor whining about losing a year of his life was just too much. How many years did Todd lose because of you and Mommy Dearest? As for declaring Todd to leave his family, again. Tea may be your wife, but those kids are Todd’s. And you weren’t exactly Daddy of the Year before Todd came back.
  1. I’m wondering about the opening credits. Do they mean anything? Roger Howarth is in them and Trevor St. John isn’t. Does that mean RH is a regular and TSJ isn’t?
  1. Victor has a strange insignia tattooed on his forearm and Todd was reading a card with the insignia on it. What does it stand for and how are both brothers connected to it? Are the people behind the insignia the ones that have a secret camera hidden in the nursery at Tea’s house? Could they also be to blame for Dorian’s current troubles? Is the insignia some logo for some international organization of evil?
  1. While Prospect Park was recasting the roles of Matthew and Destiny, why couldn’t they have done likewise with Jack. The actor who plays him is not a good actor. Maybe another actor with better acting chops might actually make you feel some empathy for Jack.
  1. I like the new potential pairing of Cutter and Natalie. I never could stand John and Natalie. I didn’t think they have any chemistry together. I thought Cutter and Natalie’s dance was hot; now all they need is a good story. I’m also curious what Natalie’s up to. She seems to be in a real dark place at the moment.
  1. Another couple I really like is Vimal and Rama. They’re really cute together. The actress that plays Rama is a real find. She has great screen presence and a real sparkling personality. And Vimal is as cute as a button. It’ll be interesting to see how their open marriage works.
  1. Blair and Todd still have it. I love their scenes together in the opening. The only thing keeping me from really getting into them full-blown [as they’re one of my all-time favorite couples] is wondering how long RH will really be around. He’s supposed to also play a new character on General Hospital. At some point he’s going to have to choose between which show to play on and will OLTL come out the winner?
  1. I really hope they’re not bringing Tomas back. They keep mentioning him, and I remember Ted King had signed on earlier. The character just did nothing for me. He was another character that got a free pass for gross and disgusting behavior. He kidnaps Todd and delivers him to Irene, then he starts obsessing about the woman in the picture the guy had on him. YUCK!
  1. It looks like Dani is going to be the lead teen, which is a shame, since her character is so darned annoying. It’s too bad Kristin Alderson couldn’t have brought Starr back there. It’s also too bad Prospect Park had to wait so long to kick off the revival of the show. Things might have been different. I’d much rather have Starr as lead teenager instead of Dani.
  1. Bo, Nora and Clint are the only three characters that don’t seem to have much of a story, yet. Hopefully, they’ll be given good stories themselves soon.
  1. David Vickers is still the best comic relief on the show. Thrilled Tuc Watkins agreed to do the show. His whole fantasy of entering Shelter dressed like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever was hilarious. I keep wondering if he and Bo share a scene together he’s going to be doing that annoying, “Paw” stuff.
  1. Robin Strasser was the most vocal of all the cast members over ABC canceling the show. I’m thrilled Prospect Park didn’t hold that against her and have brought her to the show. Dorian is just as much OLTL as Viki is. It’s great having them both back.
  1. Is Bo still Police Commissioner? Shouldn’t he be questioning Victor now that man has suddenly turned up from the dead? Will his story start to kick off when the man Victor killed is discovered and Bo starts to investigate?
  1. I like the actress they picked to play Destiny. The other actress just got on my last nerve. Of course, one has to wonder if the reason the previous actress was replaced is because she was overweight. The new Destiny is very skinny.
  1. Since Matthew and Destiny seem to be history even though they have a child together, I wonder if Matthew and Dani will become a couple. He knew she was taking Oxy and lied to protect her. He seems to be the only male teen in her age range.


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