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One Life To Live Online -- Thoughts For The Week Of May 7th, 2013

Updated on May 13, 2013
  1. Blair has better chemistry with Todd and Victor than Tea does. When Blair kissed Victor on the cheek that’s more chemistry than I’ve seen than in any of the Victor/Tea scenes since the show restarted online.
  2. Todd proved he was a better father when he proposed a truce for the kid’s sake. Victor only went over to Blair’s to spend time with Jack because Todd expressed concern about him. And Victor’s only pretending to the truce while he secretly poisons Todd.
  3. Victor saw someone with the same tattoo on the exact same place as he has one with a gun. Do the tattoos signify belonging to some kind of cult or group. Was Victor a willing member of this group? Is he still a member of this group? If the group knew who he was, the first place they’d look for him would be Llanview, so if he’s running from this group staying in Llanview out in the open would be a bad place to hide.
  4. There seems to be something wonky going on at the VIP Lounge at Shelter. You have to be on the list to enter and one of the patrons said he wanted to be provided with another girl. Does Blair have any idea what’s going on in her own club?
  5. Clint seems to be more of a father to Matthew than Bo is. He gave him a job at Buchanan Enterprises and then gave him a harsh lecture on needing to man-up to his responsibilities as Drew’s father. Meanwhile, after falsely accusing Matthew of being on drugs, Bo hasn’t tried to make it up to his son.
  6. I knew Dorian would want to get revenge on Viki, but I didn’t think she’d be able to get it so quickly and so devastatingly. If Viki invests her money in the Pellegrino Fund she’s going to lose all her money, as well as her beloved Banner.
  7. When Tea was going on and on about Todd buying Dani and having a fit Dani not rejecting Todd, it just occurred to me that she really gets off on Todd’s kids wanting nothing to do with him. Yeah, I know she’s still upset about Todd giving her a live baby instead of telling her that her baby died, but I think it’s more than that. I think she’s so pro-Victor and everything because Todd doesn’t want her.
  8. They seem to have toned down Jack’s nasty personality a lot and taken him back to pre-bullying Jack. He was actually being nice and brotherly to Sam, who he was picking on and being a big crud to. And he’s treated Blair better, as well. The only one he’s not great to is Todd, but even that was toned down a bit, as well. It actually makes the character a lot easier to take and make you not mind the actor so much.
  9. I wish Dorian would throw that wig out and just go around in her normal hair. I really hate that wig and it does Dorian no favors, at all. I didn’t know it was a wig and thought it was her real hair, and when she pulled it off I was very relieved it was a wig.
  10. You can apparently walk around with a shit-load of Arsenic inside your body. I’ve seen stories about slowly poisoning someone with Arsenic with just a drop, but Victor nearly poured the whole bottle of Arsenic in the liquor and Todd drank an awful lot of it. Unfortunately, if and when Todd gets rushed to the hospital he’s not going to suspect Victor, because of the truce they made. And Victor covered his tracks by disposing of the tainted liquor, so there will be no way of telling how Todd got poisoned.


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