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One Life To Live Online -- Thursday, May 10, 2013

Updated on May 10, 2013

Original Airing: May 9, 2013

Dorian takes Jack out to a coffeehouse which is the only other meeting place besides Shelter. She’s pleasantly surprised by a young teenager who comes up to her saying only good things. However, an older woman comes up to her and tells her what a disgrace she is. Todd comes up to them and tries to make some inroads with Jack, which Dorian tries to block. Jack agrees to stay with Todd but rejects Todd’s offer of money to buy his dream computer.

Todd has better luck with Dani. He drops by Tea’s as Dani is preparing to move out and getting a big fight about it from Tea. He offers to help her and offers to buy her some furniture and she takes him up on the offer. Tea later whines to Victor about it. You can see she really gets off on Todd’s kids wanting nothing to do with him. I think it all comes down to Todd not thinking her apple pie tastes too nice. If he wanted her, she’d be all about getting Todd’s kids to accept him.

Victor surprisingly says [without telling Screaming Mimi about the truce Todd proposed] that maybe Todd is on the level and maybe they should give him a chance. She’s surprised and not too happy about his change of attitude towards Todd. Little does Screaming Mimi know but he’s covering his tracks so when Todd ends up in the hospital from being poisoned he won’t be a suspect. He sneaks into Todd’s room and gets rid of the tainted liquor he put in there and replaces it with fresh liquor so no one will be able to tell how Todd got poisoned.

On one hand I absolutely loathe Victor, but on the other I feel sorry for him being stuck with Miss Touchy-Feely who can’t respect or recognize boundaries. Victor is sending out, “Do Not Touch,” signals to Tea and she has to go over and invade his space. She doesn’t know what this dude has gone through, but maybe she should back-off and give the dude some space.

Later, when Todd is at the coffeehouse he sees another man with the same tattoo on his forearm that Victor has and he’s carrying a gun. What is it? Some kind of cult?

Bo sets his office up as Bora-Bora. B for Bo and Ora for Nora. He gets her to agree to do a blog/radio show, but she wants to do it incognito, so no one knows it’s the DA doing it.

Dorian sets her plan of revenge against Viki in motion. She knows the Pellegrino Fund is a scam and anyone investing will lose all their money, but she tells a broker what a great investment it is. He in turn tells Clint the same thing, and suggests Viki should invest to try and get The Banner out of its financial troubles. Todd says the man who is running it has made him a lot of money, but cautions about putting all her eggs in one basket.

Viki tells Todd even though she ribs him about The Sun she’s glad he got into the newspaper business, which is carrying on the family tradition. She also tells him she feels like The Banner is part Todd’s. She also confides in him that if she loses The Banner she’ll feel she’s let their father down, since the newspaper was his baby.

Todd really is starting to look bad. It doesn’t look like it’ll be long before he collapses. The question is we’ll he get to the hospital in time to save his life? I don’t know if Jack or Dani will care if Todd is at death’s door, but I think it’ll bring out Blair’s true feelings for Todd.


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