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One Life To Live --The Great Todd Reveal

Updated on August 16, 2011

I never laughed so hard in my life

Warning: Contains Spoilers From Tuesday, August 16th's show

I literally have a splitting headache from laughing so hard. I don't think that was the response to the revelation of how there were two Todds that I was supposed to have. But it's just so bad its funny.

We should have known we were in for it when Irene described the twin she kept, Vic Jr, as being special. I was keeping track of the comments some viewers were making watching this live, and it was totally cracking me up.

Yes, unless we didn't get the implication of just what Irene meant by saying Vic Jr. was special, she repeated it.. He wasn't just special, he was susceptible. We even got a flashback of Todd and Vic the panic room. Vic Jr. is wearing a suitably blank expression in his eyes and a vacant smile on his face, as Todd is reciting the story of his life, and Vic Jr. is repeating it believing that that's stuff in his own life. At this point brainwashing a clone to believe he was Todd wouldn't be as bad as this.

Irene even cut Vic Jr's face so he'd have a scar like the real Todd, and that's where the show ended, with everyone wondering why TSJTodd had plastic surgery if he was already a look-a-like with his very own scar just like the real thing.

Once you wipe the tears from your eyes from laughing so much at this mess of a story, and you start to think about it, it's a really ugly and disgusting story this show has told here. ABC is lucky that some anti-defamation league doesn't file a suit against them. I'm sorry, but a mentally handicapped individual doesn't suddenly become not one by feeding them facts from someone else's life and cutting their face. There really is nothing funny about how they chose to explain this mess.

The sad thing is this story had the potential to be a classic soap story. Unfortunately, with the hack writers in daytime, this is what happens to a good story. It turns bad. This makes absolutely no sense, at all. Thankfully, this parody of an explanation will be done, tomorrow, and we can get to the meat of the story. Everyone reacting to the fact a fake Todd has fooled them for eight years. I intend to concentrate one the good and try to forget someone passed this rubbish off as a logical explanation to explain a fake Todd taking over the real Todd's life.


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    • profile image

      lisa 6 years ago

      the real todd could actually be victor jr. now it's the perfect opportunity for victor jr. to finally take todd place.