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One Piece Devil Fruits and Users

Updated on September 5, 2012

One Piece is undeniably one of the most famous anime series we have today. There are several factors which made One Piece and probably the most vital among them is the unique powers that each character possess. An anime won’t be exceptional without unique skills or weapons since they are the main factors which separate anime from cartoons. An interesting fact about powers in One Piece is that they are acquired by eating a certain fruit. However, anyone who eats a devil fruit will eventually lose his ability to float. This is a very big weakness especially for pirates since they commonly dwell on the sea. Despite this fact, many pirates aim to eat one of these fruits just to gain unimaginable power.

There are three types of devil fruits namely Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. Paramecia devil fruits provide power without altering the human form. This is the most common type yet we should never assume that pirates who ate devil fruits included on this classification are weak. Whether they will turn out to be strong or weak greatly depends on how they use their abilities efficiently. On the other hand, Zoan devil fruits allow people who ate them to transform into an animal. A Zoan Devil Fruit eater can either be on his normal form, a full-monster, or hybrid. The monsters size, appearance, and power are usually exaggerated so Zoan Devil Fruit users should never be taken lightly. A certain type of item known as the Rumble ball can also be utilized to for a Zoan Devil Fruit use to come up with the fourth form but the series haven’t fully covered this option yet. Last, but definitely not the least, are the Logia Devil Fruits. They are considered as the most powerful ones since those who eat them eventually turns into an indestructible being. The user can totally change the form of his body to dodge enemy attacks or create an unavoidable attack. Only those who can use “haki” can inflict damage to Logia Devil Fruit users.

If you are given a chance to eat a devil fruit, what would you choose? This is not an easy question mainly because there are a lot to choose from and each one of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. To help you decide on this matter, here are all the Devil Fruits mentioned in the series to date and brief descriptions about their respective weaknesses and strengths.

Buggy the Clown, The user of Bara Bara No Mi.
Buggy the Clown, The user of Bara Bara No Mi.

Bara Bara No Mi

This devil fruit provides its user the power to dodge any kind of slicing attack by splitting body parts. All the sliced body parts can float aside from the feet.


- This power is perfect to fight enemies who plainly relies on their sword skills because you can dodge all his slicing attacks effortlessly,

- It is perfect for launching sneak attacks since you can use other parts of your body to act as diversions.

- The ability to levitate can be very useful as well not only to avoid enemy attacks but to launch devastating ones as well.


- The users feet can't levitate so it's very vulnerable.

- You can't fly too far away from your feet so the enemy can simply grab your sliced feet and keep it close to limit your range.

Alvida ,the user of Sube Sube No Mi.
Alvida ,the user of Sube Sube No Mi.

Sube Sube No Mi

This devil fruit makes the user's body slippery so any physical attack can't affect him. The ability connects with the user's clothing as well.


- The user can easily defeat enemies who mainly use physical attacks especially if he can come up with an effective attack as well.

- The user can't be tied up.

- Perfect for fighters who focus more on defense.


- This devil fruit can't be used for any form of offense.

- The user's movements can still be restricted through non-physical methods particularly by a Devil Fruit user's fluid body.

Mr.5, the user of Bomu Bomu No Mi.
Mr.5, the user of Bomu Bomu No Mi.

Bomu Bomu no Mi

This devil fruit give its user the power to make any part of his body explode. This is also applicable to mucous, breath, and hair. Moreover, the user won't be affected by any exploding attack which made this Devil Fruit quite strong.


- Bomu Bomu no Mi is perfect for both offense and defense.

- You can easily wipe out a group of weak pirates using this devil fruit.

- You have limitless ammunition.

- A huge explosion can be used as a good diversion for attacking or escaping


- An expert swordsman who can dodge all your explosives and deliver a quick finishing blow can easily defeat you.

- The power of this devil fruit entirely depends on the user's fighting experience and creativity.

- You will end up harming your allies if you won't be careful enough while using this devil fruit power.

Miss Valentine. the user of Kilo Kilo No Mi.
Miss Valentine. the user of Kilo Kilo No Mi.

Kilo Kilo no Mi

This devil fruit grants its user the power to change his or her weight instantly within a range of 10 to 10,000 kilograms.


- This power is perfect for immobilizing opponents as you can simply get on top of them

- It can provide you with great speed by simply decreasing your body weight.

- Your punches and attacks can cause more damage by increasing the weight of your feet or hands before your attack lands.


- Opponents that uses Logia type devil fruits can easily defeat you since they won't be affected by physical attacks.

- You can be in great danger if you use this power carelessly.

- A very strong opponent who can carry 10,000 kilograms with ease will render your power useless.



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