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One Piece Film: GOLD Review

Updated on February 4, 2017

Welcome to Gran Tesoro!

It feels wonderful to finally have a One Piece film make it to American theaters. From the beginning, the music hits you. Tesoro as he walks up a stairway snaps his fingers. Slowly, other instruments begin to join in. Now trumpets and other instruments blare loudly in unison to form the delightful symphony from the orchestra. After the instruments take their course, a singer sings in Japanese in a gorgeous melody. Tesoro dances and his legs are wonderfully animated as if they were motion capped.The opening moments of Film Gold are the best.

With gold particles floating everywhere, what's easy to notice is that the film is extremely colorful with its nice brights and sharp contrasts. The characters in the film are all sharply drawn and look fantastic. The fun of the first half of the film comes from the Straw Hat Pirates as they revel in the joys of the country playing cards, slots, dice, and even participating in races. This half of the movie is fun and carefree which is where Film Gold strengths lie the most.

The story of the film surrounds a ship (that is actually a country) and its emperor, Gild Tesoro. Tesoro, is an interesting character because not only does he have an extreme amount of charisma but he is also callous in nature. The new villainous team that works under him have unique personalities as well. One has a Devil Fruit ability that allows him to phase through walls. Another, turns someone unlucky with just one touch. The abilities of the villains in this film were unconventional and really entertaining.

Carina, Nami's childhood friend and adversary, appears in the film to Nami's surprise. Her character adds a sense of mystery to the film. You never know until the last moment whose side she's on.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The latter part of the film features the heist and the final showdown. The heist is exciting because every Straw Hat has a specific role and gets dressed for the occasion. The music changes and everyone is in all leather, black and it looks great. The heist is responsible for tons of funny moments with Brook and Luffy. Soon after, the heists ends and the ending has come.

The final showdown of the film features the Straw Hats and Tesoro's crew. Most of the moves that One Piece fans love and are familiar with are here in this scene. The final fight between Luffy and Tesoro does not disappoint The long-awaited debut of Gear 4 is spectacular and worth the wait.

Bottom Line

Film Gold is one of the most successful and entertaining One Piece movies to date. Gold and Vegas go hand and hand. The creators were smart to capitalize on this theme. Sabo and Lucci are in the film but they do not play any important roles. They are merely fan service. Nonetheless, the film is a breath of fresh air as it does not allow its serious moments to overwhelm its fun nature. The odd personalities of the characters, fan service, and action featured in the film are a testament to how great the anime/manga is. Here's hoping the next One Piece film comes to US theaters as well.

One Piece Film: Gold was in theaters for a limited run and will be on Blu-ray soon.


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