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One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates from Weakest to Strongest

Updated on July 12, 2019
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Hello, I am here to give my humble opinions,I consider myself as a part of anime community. I have watched countless anime titles.

one piece poster
one piece poster | Source

Straw Hats from weakest to strongest and their abilities sorted

Color of conqueror
Color of observation
Color of armament
Joined crew
Devil Fruit
Position in the crew
1.5 billion
320 million
330 million
400 million
83 million
94 million
100 just 100
66 million
130 million
200 million
Straw Hats from weakest to strongest with their abilities
Observation Haki
Observation Haki | Source

Rankings from Power Scaling.

Did you see that chart above? Well, I am proud of it, as the chart showcases the basics of where Straw Hats stand at. Here we will be going through impressive feats, battles won and guts a straw hat has. The 'guts' part is because yours truly has noticed, that only absurdly strong-willed characters tend to be superior in One Piece, a pretty 'on the face' example is conqueror's haki whose strength is depended upon the will of its user, moreover each and every canon king's haki user has power both physical and in numbers, accordingly have a lot of powerful subordinates as for evidence just look at the Riley(he is powerhouse alone)Younkous having fleets, Boa Hancock as an empress, Doflamingo being a king with officers or currently even one of the least powerful Don Chinjou commanding the Happo Navy thus I conclude conqueror's haki is equal to certified 'badassness'. Err, we are going off topic here hence I will proceed with the topic at hand, sparing details here is the list of all 10 Straw Hat pirates, in order of the most powerful to least one.

  1. Luffy
  2. Zoro
  3. Sanji
  4. Jinbe
  5. Brook
  6. Franky
  7. Chopper
  8. Nami
  9. Robin
  10. Ussop

Monkey D luffy
Monkey D luffy

#10 'God' Ussop

You must be in a shock provided that the God himself occupies the last position in terms of power although, personally I would have selected GoDUssop, Sniper King, and CornDiano as the legendary top 3 in One Piece, sadly I cannot due to to the reason as within the straw hats his majesty remains in his suppressed state, rather than his divine one. Ok, enough with the memes only a man of culture would get. On a serious note, Oda has stated himself that "Usopp has been and will be the weakest in straw hats"-One Piece 10th treasure (2007). We also know Oda likes to follow 'trends' even though he said that in 2007, there is really only one scene when I thought Ussop as a badass, and that was at his fight in Alabasta arc, previously I would have put Nami in this place, but she got Zeus now, and that is no small matter. Only thing I can think of as a saving grace for our favorite sniper is that he has a kind of long ranged observation Haki, this put him on top 5, right? No, this ability does not help in solo combat, I mean common even Ussop himself acknowledges he is weak.

Ussop after time skip
Ussop after time skip
Ussop vs Luffy
Ussop vs Luffy | Source
Ussop badass speech
Ussop badass speech | Source

9# 'Demon Child' Robin

When Robin joined the crew she had second highest bounty yet as we know now that was because, to put it simply, Robin can read the Ponoglypes. Robins abilities are as follows,

  • Flower-flower fruit allows her to grow her limbs anywhere.
  • Merging 1000s of hands or feet, making giant ones.
  • Can fly.
  • Limbs grow literally on any solid surface, this gives her versatility.

The only reason people might disagree is assuming that she is weaker then Nami and Chopper, this will be explained when talking about those two, as I try not to repeat my self.

Nico Robin
Nico Robin | Source

#8 'Cat Bugler' Nami

Nami is here, many will disagree on Nami being this high on the list, however, some will disagree, Why Nami is so low? just hear me out, please. She would be number 10, If not for Zeus, on top of that Ussop made here a new weather controlling pole. Zeus is no laughing matter, it can deal huge damage over a large area, although in manga Zeus became weak after discharging, I think it got his powers from Big Mom directly, as Prometius got giant when Lin Lin got pissed, even in this case Nami is not in trouble as she can charge Zeus seemingly indefinitely with her thunderclouds. Ussop and Robin would be killed by Zeus in most situations

Now to the Question; Why is she below chopper? the answer is given below.

Nami | Source
Nami in glasses
Nami in glasses | Source

#7 'Cotton Candy Lover' Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is considered one of the so-called 'weak trio' that's mainly due to his childish and timid character, but we should keep in mind he is in no way incapable in combat, as our favorite reindeer has one of the biggest arsenals of abilities, and most forms out of any Zoan type devil fruit in One Piece. Here is a list of Chopper's forms abilities.

All 7 Chopper's rumble points

  • Monster point
  • Horn point
  • Arm point
  • Walk point
  • Guard point
  • Kung-fu Point
  • Brain Point

Rest of the abilities of Chopper's are as a doctor, not for combat, although Chopper once used anesthesia attack on Luffy to make him hallucinate and later unconscious.

The monster point itself is very powerful as before time skip, it was wrecking all CP9, time for a headcanon does it makes chopper stronger then Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji combined? Is he now stronger then monster trio combined during Water 7 arc?

Chopper all forms
Chopper all forms | Source

#6 'Cyborg' Franky

Franky is a hell of a strong character, however, the community is underestimating him due to his battle with Senior Pink, now let me clear this, That was a battle of men, not your typical all out one. Franky also has general Franky which is nearly indestructible, he utilized Vegapunk's tech on his body, which now makes his radical beam comparable to that of Pacifistas. Franky as a whole is definitely stronger than many Pacifistas together.

Cyborg Franky
Cyborg Franky
Franky Boxing
Franky Boxing | Source

#5 'Soul King' Brook

Brook is a powerhouse, he faced the Big Mom, although he did nothing much to her. Brook was no doubt the MVP of whole cake island arc. He is a swordsman moreover he can summon frost from underground to freeze others furthermore he cannot take damage, even more, he will not die unless his entire body shatters at once.

Smoking Soul King Brook
Smoking Soul King Brook | Source

#4 'First Son of Sea' Jinbe

Only thing I need to justify here is, How is Sanji stronger, in which I have shed light under Sanji's sub-heading.

Jinbe the first son sea
Jinbe the first son sea | Source
Jinbe | Source

#3 'Black Leg' Vinsmoke Sanji

To be honest, Sanji did not display much in the latest arc yet I think he will shine more in the future as this guy has not shown his full capabilities for now. Jinbe seems stronger than Sanji but I know Oda will make Sanji shine again. Our monster cook is one verge of getting a huge powerup, the Vinsmoke raid suit, Oda will need some legit reasoning, for Sanji to use that.

Sanji compared to Zoro, swordsman wins although not easily, its evident is this story about how they always closely match up, for example, the power levels of CP9 agents they fought only differ slightly. If these two fight, I imagine it to be like Fleet-Admiral Akainu vs Admiral Aokoji.

Other two on the list are there just to kill when Luffy describes the specific jobs of the crew, Zoro's is swordsman while Sanji is the cook, Luffy is captain but does not do much of that sort, he also is for brawls only.

Vinsmoke Sanji
Vinsmoke Sanji | Source
Sanji's fire kicks
Sanji's fire kicks | Source

2# 'Pirate Hunter' Roanoa Zoro

There is a debate in the community that Zoro or Luffy, Who is stronger? I think it is not fair to compare Luffy with Zoro, do not get me wrong these two are not at all far apart in power however my reasoning is that Luffy is the captain and will always be the strongest in his crew, both of these monsters have unbelievable feats of toughness and offense. The last thing to say is Zoro has not shown his true powers yet, he just pounded and played with any opponent he got thus far.

Zoro unsheilding
Zoro unsheilding | Source
Zoro taking on Kuma
Zoro taking on Kuma

#1 'Straw Hat' Monkey D. Luffy

No explanation needed here, our most loved pirate captain is the strongest and by the end of the series will be the strongest character in One Piece.

Gear 2 Luffy
Gear 2 Luffy | Source
Luffy vs Doflamingo
Luffy vs Doflamingo | Source

Who do you think is better ?

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Is Franky more powerful then Brook?

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© 2018 Mazz senpai


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