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One Room - Anime Review

Updated on October 3, 2017
1 star for One Room

One Room is a P.O.V. anime where you are the main character. The story revolves around you, the protagonist, and 3 sisters raised in your one room. This is a new project in virtual anime.

One room is aimed at a very specific audience. That audience would typically be described as "Otaku's" or people interested in Waifu culture. If you're not into that side of the anime fandom I'd steer clear of this one. This anime makes you the main character and revolves around 3 girls who all interact with you in the same room, but at different times. Each episode is short at only 4 minutes long and somehow managed a rating of PG-13 though I would not suggest this anime for younger watchers because it has a tendency to get kind times and not in a fun Halloween kind of way.

I imagine that with an anime like this you either like it or you hate it. reviewing it I try to remain impartial but I didn't enjoy this anime, I wanted off the ride as soon as it started but I stuck it out so I can deliver this review to you. There's lots of fan service, it gets creepy in a lot of ways and just the fact the the girls stare directly at you through the screen like they're trying to crawl through it and get into your soul is like of creepy as well. If it were less unnerving I'd imagine it might have an ASMR kind of quality to it but unless this is your kind of thing you're probably not going to enjoy this anime either.

Visually the art style is good and the colors are used very well there isn't any action or interesting effects to judge in this one but the characters are supposed to be cute and they are. The fact that artistically it's nice to look at can't save it from it's lack of plot or from the creep factor but at least it's got one good quality I guess.

This anime is fast paced and jumps between the 3 characters quite quickly with the episodes only being 4 minutes long and there being 12 total there isn't really enough time for a decent story to be told here. Once you kind of get used to the story of one girl it hops over to the next suddenly and then once you get into that one, boom, next girl and then it's suddenly over. Even without all the other disappointing factors I've seen other anime with 4 minute or shorter length episodes do a much better job at story telling than this one, if they had given themselves more time to work with and developed better characters this may be a totally different review.

The P.O.V aspect is a very interesting and creative one, I feel like it could have been better utilized to tell a much better story if they had tried hard enough but alas, this is what they gave us. P.O.V. style story telling may be new to anime but I've seen a few live action movies and TV shows with the same style and they were much more interesting to watch and didn't contain the creep factor of this anime.

Again, if you're into the fan service, ecchi, waifu culture part of the fandom this might be right up your alley and you'll probably enjoy this a lot more than I did. If you're more of a casual anime fan or a hardcore fan who prefers to steer away from the creepy side this probably isn't going to be the anime for you.

Alternative title: (none)

Episodes: 12

Genre: Slice of life

Duration: 4 mins per episode

Rating: PG-13

Premiered: Winter 2017 from Jan. 11, 2017 to Mar. 29, 2017.

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll

Characters - Staff
Art Director
Hiroki Matsumoto
Yui Hanasaka
Natsuki Momohara
Rie Murakawa
Moka Aoshima
Suzuko Mimori


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