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Review of the Album One Size Fits All One of the Most Incredible Hard Rock Albums By Pink Cream 69

Updated on July 13, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

As this photo symbolizes the album One Size Fits All sees Andi Deris sing in a totally different style of rock and metal but it is still beautiful nonetheless.
As this photo symbolizes the album One Size Fits All sees Andi Deris sing in a totally different style of rock and metal but it is still beautiful nonetheless. | Source

Pink Cream 69 and the Most Common Lyrical theme in the Album One Size Fits All

In the history of hard rock, there are albums that are so amazing that they deserve more than just a standard review. They deserve analysis, respect, and praise. One such example is the album One Size Fits All by Pink Cream 69 released in 1991. The band was formed in Germany and this album had Andi Deris doing the vocals. Deris would leave this band and join Helloween in 1993. However, the album is not perfect because there are a few songs that are weaker. These are the fast paced song Signs of Danger and Piggy Back B****. The guitarist on the album is Alfred Koffler. Dennis Ward plays bass guitar and Kostas Zafiriou plays the drums. The lyrical theme that is the most common on the album is about love. There is no surprise there since so many bands use that lyrical theme in their songs. The band had members from Germany, the United States, and Greece in this album. But One Size Fits All even has a ballad song in it called Ballerina. This is a song about someone that saw the picture of a woman that he really liked. He has one desire in his life and that is to get married to the right person.

Livin' My Life for You and Talk to the Moon are the two best songs in this album One Size Fits All

Livin’ My Life for You is a heck of rocking song about dedicating your life and time to someone and showing that you are living your life for them. Yet the person that you are living your life for seems to just waste your time. If you really love that person genuinely, then love is totally worth it! Talk to the Moon is the most groovy and best song on the album about a similar subject. The person is prepared to stay with the one he loves. But he sees that she is turning away from him. He wonders if it could be that she is blind, or that she just wants to run away from him. Or he wonders whether it could be his point of view.

The song "Talk To the Moon"

The Greatness of Andi Deris

Andi Deris is one of the most unique heavy metal vocalists in the music business and he has a pretty good vocal range. I cannot emphasize enough the greatness of Germany when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal. It goes back to the 1970’s with the Scorpions and this tradition of excellence has continued until even today with pretty much any genre of heavy metal. Germany can do no wrong when it comes to heavy metal!

"Livin' My Life for You"

The song Stray Kid really helps the album become a major success!

Stray Kid is a song about someone that lost his father at the age of 18. Their mother worked so hard to feed them and he has become just a stray kid looking for guidance and direction. The song should be a reminder that we should not ignore those that are less fortunate than us. This theme is continued in the song Where the Eagle Learns to Fly. If someone is starving in the cold or suffering in the heat, they need to be helped as soon as possible. Human lives do matter very much and everyone deserves the best life possible. Overall, the album is one of the most outstanding in the history of hard rock and if you can, make sure to listen to this album and hear the musical brilliance that is the album One Size Fits All.


The song called "Stray Kid"

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