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One Tree Hill: A show worth watching

Updated on March 5, 2015

The Plot

The first season starts in their 9th grade, Freshman year, of high school. There is 2 boys, Nathan and Lucas Scott, who are step-brothers and hate each other. Nathan is the basketball star that is dating a cheerleader, Peyton Sawyer. Lucas is more of the smart guy who plays basketball on the Riverside Court with his buddies and hangs out with his best friend Haley James. Lucas joins the basketball team after his uncle, Keith Scott, shows the coach, Whitey, what he can do.

Throughout the seasons, the gang, including the head cheerleader Brooke Davis, go through drama, a young marriage, a teen pregnancy and family feuds. Nathan had started dating Haley just to get to Lucas but then realized that Haley was the one when he really got to know her. He changed for the better for her because he didn't want to hurt her. They then got married in the Senior year of High school. They soon found out that Nathan had received a full scholarship and Haley was pregnant. Lucas battled between wanting Brooke and wanting Peyton. The strong love triangle came between the best friends Brooke and Peyton since they both thought he was the one for them. He married Peyton, whom he has loved since grade 7, and had a beautiful baby girl named Sawyer Scott.

Many dreams become a reality for the gang. Haley became a teacher/signer/music producer, Nathan an NBA star, Lucas became a writer, Peyton was the owner and main music producer of the Red Bedroom Records studio and Brooke became a fashion designer.

In season 9, the final season, tragic events happen that take a toll on Haley and their whole family. Nathan and Haley now have 2 kids, James Lucas Scott and Lydia Scott. Nathan is an agent and goes around the world to be able to scout players from smaller countries. It is on his return home that something bad happens.

Haley James Scott

Haley James Scott was an innocent high school girl that was secretly very good at playing the piano. She was very book smart and was the most wanted tutor that was known as the miracle girl. She stood by her best friend Lucas Scott and helped him with his troubles. Due to her having a big family, she often spends time with Lucas and his mom, Karen Roe. She works at Karen's Café before and after school to get a bit of pocket money but also to help out her friend's family business.

She starts secretly dating Nathan Scott after a bit of time tutoring him. Lucas soon found out and was not very happy but supported Haley because she seemed happy and saw that Nathan was changing due to Haley's innocence. Haley remained a virgin until grade 12 and did not give it away until after she had married Nathan.

During her senior year, a strain is put on their marriage when Haley goes on tour with the famous Chris Keller. Nathan did not believe that she was going to be faithful towards her and they soon grew apart. Nathan had filed for an annulment in which Haley signed back "I love you".

With her high grades, she was able to get into any school that she wanted but with a baby on the way, she and Nathan had to reconsider their options. It is on graduation day, while Haley is giving her Valedictorian speech, that she goes into labour with her son, James Lucas Scott.

Nathan Scott

Nathan is the basketball star of the school. Basketball captain and mister Popular. He dates Peyton Sawyer, who is the controversial cheerleader. His grades were not very high and hated Lucas Scott.

His father, Dan Scott, pushes him to be the best basketball player that there is and often makes fun of him saying that Nathan will never beat his records that he had set as a high school kid. There is more pressure on Nathan to be the best basketball scorer than to get good grades.

When he gets told that he needs to get tutoring or else he is out of the basketball team, he goes to Haley because he knows it will bug Lucas. Haley agrees to do so in secrecy because she does not want Lucas to know. They then fall for each other and get through their hard times together.

Nathan is faced with heart wrenching choices to make when he finds out Haley is pregnant at the same time that he finds out that he got a full scholarship to his dream school. At the press conference that announces his decision, he announces that he will do what is best for him, Haley and their unborn child.

Nathan, many years later, gets into the NBA and becomes his son's biggest hero. Even after he stops playing, Nathan remains in the sports industry by becoming an agent for Clay Evans' agency, Fortitude.

Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott is a timid guy who would rather play with his friends at the Riverside Court than for his school team. He is book smart and is very close to Haley but not to date each other. They often will say that they are like brother and sister.

Lucas is the son of Karen Roe and Dan Scott. His uncle, turned stepfather, Keith was the one the help raise him his whole life because Dan had abandoned Karen and Lucas. Lucas resents his father but yet knows that he is quite happy not having the same life as Nathan. To him, there is more to life than just basketball.

Lucas bounces between Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis because he is unsure of who he actually loves and who he wants to be with. He ends up being with Peyton and marrying her a few years after high school has ended. Their daughter is born the same day as their wedding day.

Lucas has become an author and has 2 best selling books, the Raven and the Comet. The Raven is about high school life and the Comet is all about him and Peyton. Peyton's car is a Comet.

Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer is a controversial cheerleader because she is not the peppiest person there is. She listens to a lot of classic rock, like the Foo Fighters, and her art is very dark.

Peyton knows that she is adopted and in her adulthood, she tries to discover who her real parents are. Her real mother was Ellie, a band groupie, artist and music lover. A lot of Peyton's personality and likes seem to come from her real mom. Her real father is a famous guitarist.

Peyton always dreamt of working for a record label. She went to LA to work for a famous label but then realized that she would rather start her own to be able to produce the style of music she thought was worth producing. She started by signing Haley. Haley then started becoming a music producer also. They gave a life to Mia Catalano and also Alex Dupre.

Peyton gets married to Lucas and has their daughter, Sawyer Scott, the night that she got married due to complications in her pregnancy.

Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis is the cheer captain and is the daughter of very rich parents. She gets everything that she could dream of and parties a lot during her high school years.

She remains close to her best friend Peyton Sawyer even though they have many fights due to the Lucas love triangle. In high school, she took the rumours of Haley being pregnant and said it was actually her. She stays good friends with both because they have been through thick and thin together.

She dreams of being a world famous fashion designer and after a bad break up, to Lucas, in high school she decides to start her own fashion line that proves to be very successful the second it started. To get the love of her mother, she lets her mother help her with the fashion line.

After she gets married to a movie producer, she finds out that she cannot have a child and decided that she would like to adopt. Her and Julian still try to have their own children while going through the adoption process. As they are going to pick up their future child, the mother backs out of the adoption. The disappointment leads to a miracle. Brooke and Julian soon find out they are pregnant. Only catch is, it isn't only one kid. It is twins.

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    • HoverLock profile image

      Hannah Overlock 

      3 years ago from Maine

      My best friend and I used to watch OTH when we were seniors in high school. This hub brought back such great memories!


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