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Talk to Her

Updated on November 30, 2009

One of the best love stories of our era

"Talk to Her" is one of the deepest love stories that has ever graced the big screen. The movie is about two men who fall in love with these women, whom are both suddenly thrusted into a coma, and shows how each guy copes with the situation while they support each other, in thier hour of need. The direction for the film is perhaps one of its' best strengths by capturing so many themes like hope, love, friendship, happiness, tragedy, and irony that work beautifully to create a very heart drenching film about life. The actors performances really shine by conveying realistic emotions that anyone can identify with. "Talk to Her" is one of the deepest love stories about life that you'll ever see.

One of the main characters in the movie, Begnino, falls in love with a ballerina dancer, Alicia, but when she's put into a coma, Begnino dedicates his life to taking care of her as a male nurse. Everyday, he bathes her, feeds her, and talks to her, in hopes that she'll be listening.

Meanwhile, a newsreporter, Marco, is on his way to interview a professional bull fighter named Lydia. During their short time together, Marco soon develops strong feelings for her. Lydia was just recently getting out a relationship with her fiance, and she was trying to decide whom she loved more, Marco or her fiance. Unfortunately, Lydia was put into a coma from a bull fight before anyone could find out. Because of the tremendious grief, Marco couldn't bear to see her in the hospital at all. Engaging in many sleepless nights on end. Marco's guilt over neglecting Lydia, in her present state, and grief put him in a difficult position.

Eventually, Marco meets Begnino at the hospital and soon become good friends. Throughout Begnino's and Marco's time together, they discuss how both of these women have greatly influenced their lives while discussing their take on the situation. Unfortunately, Marco has already given up on hope of Lydia reviving anytime soon and refuses to talk to her, so she eventually dies within a few months. However, Begnino still clinges onto his hope that one day, Alicia, will awaken and they'll be together again.

It's during these tragic events that the actors Javier Camara (Begnino) and Dario Grandinetti (Marco) performances really shine. The level of emotions set in this film, by the actors, is portrayed so close to life that you'll swear that everything in this film will have your heart gushing out. I mean sure it doesn't have the memorable emotional over the top scenes like "Titanic," where Jack is telling Rose the Titanic is sinking, but instead the film manages to capture something much deeper than that. The actors performances and chemistry together create a strong bond for the audience to easily identify with. For example, when Begnino talks about his feelings for Alicia, the viewer can't help but to symphasize with him.

There are a lot more things that I could say about this film, but the strongest thing this film has going for it is the direction. The direction of this film will literally impress just about anyone by capturing a lot powerful themes to create a captivating and deeply engaging story. This is generally one of those films where you can take just about anything out of it. I mean you can say it's a film about tragedy, love, hope, or friendship and you wouldn't be wrong. Each scene builds off the other to intensify the character development and to create the a sense of irony and mystery.

"Talk to Her" is one of the deepest films about life that you'll ever see. The characters in this film are portrayed very realistically, and the direction for the film deserved an Academy Award. This film is generally about life, and how we choose to live. Overall, "Talk to Her" is one of the deepest love stories of all time.


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