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Online Music Maker – Opportunities for Musicians

Updated on August 23, 2016

The why

The internet brought us not only unlimited access to music and music videos. The possibilities to make music grew as well. You can learn and get everything online: How to learn an instrument, how to find musicians, how to make a band, write songs or record them. And you can also record and play with other musicians online, using your browser and an interface or microphone. But why should you?

Location & time-independent

First of all, your virtual rehearsal room is free anytime of the day and from every spot of the world – as long as it has an internet connection.

Find musicians everywhere

Secondly, you can play with musicians from everywhere. Location doesn't matter so you can meet new musicians or play with your friends who moved to another place. You will always find somebody to jam with. You can let other musicians contribute their ideas to your new songs. From the first contact on, you can make music together. Find musicians on your level, working on similar projects or struggling with the same musical issues.

You can control your sound 100%.

Contrary to an offline session, you can adjust the volumes of everybody the way you like. No more too loud drums or too silent guitar. If you're rehearsing, you can even mute some instruments which distract you. You can control the general volume of your band – no need to plug your ears with different substances if it's too loud.

Easy to manage music sessions

What if you live far from other musicians, some band mates cannot come to the rehearsal, the drummer moved away or it is difficult to meet in real time? An online session is just so easy to squeeze into a busy schedule.


What exactly can you do with a music maker?

  1. Jam in real-time
    You can schedule online meetings with musicians you know or new ones. Play covers, improvise, compose or play your own music with your band.
  2. Record song ideas
    Use a multi-track recorder to record song ideas. You can then pass the link to your fellow musicians to contribute to your song. Or let other new musicians add their ideas to your song.
  3. Interact and collaborate with musicians
    You can get creative ideas to your own music projects. While you jam you can give each other feedback and learn to be a better musician.


The four things you'll need

  1. Your instrument or microphone
    Just like in every music session, you'll need your instrument. If you use an acoustic instrument, you'll need a microphone additionally.
  2. A good internet connection (better with ethernet)
    A fast connection is better to send your audio signal to other musicians quickly. You can test your connection with tools like this Speedtest: Have a maximum ping of 15 milliseconds (ms). Upload and Download figures should be at least 5 Mbps.

  3. Computer, tablet or phone
    A computer works best to make music together online as most music maker platforms like sofasession support only the computers.
  4. A way to connect your instrument to this device
    You could use your built-in microphone and catch the sound of your voice or instrument like that. Or you purchase an audio interface and use it to connect your microphone or instrument via cable to your computer.

What you need to make music online? (example sofasession)


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