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Online Piano Lessons—Learn To Play And Get Your Groove On!

Updated on May 26, 2014

Online piano lessons are gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds. In fact, Google Trend’s search query indicates that learning how to play the piano online has, at the very minimum, doubled since 2006! With the internet available to anyone who knows how to use a personal computer, anything and everything is at one’s fingertips.

For some, the idea of performing in front of a live person, especially as it applies to learning how to play the piano—can be quite intimidating. Through on-line lessons, youngsters, oldsters and anyone in-between can become proficient with playing the piano in a relatively short amount of time depending on how seriously one takes his or her learning experience.

Some on-line sites are absolutely free while others offer complimentary lessons up to a point and then charge a nominal fee. Additionally, some on-line piano-lesson sites can boast of being the recipients of various music awards with other sites having been featured on syndicated news shows. Then, there are on-line piano-lesson websites that offer free, downloadable apps that go where you go, 24/7. Yes, to learn to play the piano is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

On-line Piano Lessons Will Have You Covered:

Quality on-line piano-lesson sites will be affordable, will be comprehensive and will offer professional support!


Month-to-month payment options offer flexibility for anyone; and monthly price ranges vary--anywhere from about $12 to $20--and annual subscriptions are available, as well. When one considers the cost of a private instructor at their home or studio, paying anywhere from $30 to $100 an hour is not out of the ordinary! And depending on where one might live— such as Los Angeles or New York City--per hour rates are as high as $250.00! Saving money, via on-line options is a tremendous benefit.


Lessons can be very in-depth and should include broad instruction that involves everything one could possibly desire to learn including:

** chords & arpeggios ** theory

** proper fingering ** technique

** scales ** music notation

** rhythm ** improvisation

** multiple-styles ** play-by-ear

** multiple-levels ** intervals

** sight-reading ** harmony


A comprehensive online piano site will provide additional features that serve to heighten the learning experience and will include amenities such as video tutorials, printable music, social-media integration, personal song requests, and MIDI compatibility. Quite literally, there is nothing that is not offered for those who wish to learn!

Practice Tools:

When selecting an on-line piano-lesson site, look for practice tools such as a metronome, easy-to-follow instructions, right and left-hand exercises, progress reports and more. Practice tools will allow a student to perfect the skills targeted in each lesson; and they are vitally important.

On-going Support:

For the serious piano student, on-line support is also available where a student can stay connected with their instructor via a variety of ways: 1) online forums 2) FAQ’s 3) email and 4) live phone support.

On-line piano lessons should be embraced as educational, interactive and fun! When lessons are felt to be simple, practical and easy, students will feel more inclined to continue their lessons and, hopefully, reach their full potentials. Even within one or two weeks, you can learn to read music and play two-handed—not only surprising yourself but impressing your friends and family! Let the fun begin!


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