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Only Life To Live -- August 22, 2013

Updated on August 19, 2013

The shocking season finale

The last few seconds of this episode is absolutely shocks and totally grabs you by the throat. It's the way soap cliffhangers used to be. Well done, One Life To Live.

Clint's tirade at the gala continues until the trophy is wrestled from him and he's strapped down to a stretcher. Natalie is appalled when she comes back and finds Clint strapped down to a stretcher and is told he's being sent to the psych ward. Both Bo and Viki try to convince her not to go with Clint cause he needs tough love. It's a good thing she doesn't listen to them, because she may end up saving Clint's life.

It seems Tea's chickens have come home to roost. When Tea tried to stop Dani from going off with Arturo, Dani screams for Tea to go home and cry about Victor. Tea will never admit it but her relationship with Victor is not a healthy one. She's practically obsessed with him to the point she totally ignores her own daughter.

Thanks to Matthew the rat, Dani doesn't feel she can go home to her own apartment because the Catfish will be there. And because the rat ratted her out to Tea and they had a big fight, so she can't stay with her mother. That only leaves one place: Arturo's hotel room. It isn't long before they're kissing and on the bed about to get to know each other in the biblical sense.

It's awful but every time one of these suspicious newbies strip down and have sex I'm trying to search their bodies to see if they're sporting a tattoo. I have to say Paolo Seganti still has a hot bod.

It's really getting that you need a score card and since Jeffrey has been revealed as one of the Tattooed Terrors, any of these newbies could also be one of them. Like Jack's teacher or Arturo or that freaky Catfish Michelle. The ones that try to hide their membership in this secret society have the tattoo on the bottom of their foot as witnessed with Jeffrey.

The Catfish convinces Matthew to leave the hospital, when he wants to stay with Natalie to see how Clint is. Like Dani said, she wants Matthew all to herself. She tells Matthew some woeful little tale about her daddy was a drunk who ended up in the pscyh ward, when she is well acquainted with the procedure of what happens to someone admitted to one. My guess is she knows all about it, because she's been in one herself.

Anyway, the dimwit can't keep her lies straight and mentions the wrong place she was living in and Matthew points it out. Yes, Dumbo has caught her in yet another lie. I suppose he'll let it pass like all the others. Doesn't he get this psycho lies about everything. She lied about Dani. And unless Matthew had to push his way through a barrier, I wouldn't buy she was a virgin touched for the very first time, either. All her lies are about making Matthew feel protective of her and close to her.

As soon as Clint is wheeled away on the stretcher, Jeffrey is at Viki's side about printing a story about this in The Banner. She says to go ahead, since Clint needs to learn the consequences for his actions. It seems discrediting Clint was number one on the Tattooed Terrors hit list. Clint seems to know about them and was a threat to them. Now with Clint's public meltdown and stay in the psych ward, who is going to believe a thing Clint says about this super secret society. It'll just seem like the crazy meanderings of a drunken and mentally ill man.

Cutter looks like he's about to tongue Nikki even after all the trouble she's caused between him and Natalie with her jealous lies that he's doing them both at the same time. He reminds Nikki that their business is more important than any romantic relationship and she agrees. But she also tells him Natalie will never be enough for him.

Viki tries to get Blair to tell her why Todd really left, but she says she can't. She tells Jack the same thing when he comes home and finds her crying over Todd. But events are happening with Clint that may force Blair to change that stance.

The doctor tells Natalie Clint has been sedated, but she insists on seeing him and it's a good thing she does. As she enters his room she finds Clint coughing and gasping for breath as a crazy Allison Perkins holds a hypodermic needle in her hand and cackles like a loon. Has Natalie arrived too late to save her father's life and did the Tattooed Terrors decide that discrediting Clint wasn't enough and he needed to die?

When Bo and Viki find out about this they're going to regret their actions, as their determination to send Clint to the psych ward may just have cost him his life. Will Bo find the tainted pills Clint's been taking before Jeffrey can switch them back with the normal pills? And when Blair hears that Allison Perkins has made an attempt on Clint's life, will she finally tell Viki the real reason Todd was forced to leave town? Or will Blair receive one of those cards informing her they now have Todd in their clutches, as well?

And will the news of the attack on Clint finally wake Tea from her Victor stupor and see it's not just her precious Victor that's in danger, but possibly everyone in Llanview. Just how many other people in Llanview are a member of this secret society? From what Carl Peterson said, this secret society may go back to Victor Lord. Was he a member of this society, as well?

More importantly just what is their ultimate goal. What do they want? Why have they presumably kidnapped both Todd and Victor? Just how did Clint find out about them? And is there any way to finally stop them?

To be continued next season...


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