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Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy: One of the Good Ways to Know Real Americans

Updated on May 16, 2013

If you want to get to know the real America and how and who Americans really are, you would have to spend a portion of your lifetime, perhaps twenty years, traveling around in all 50 States of the United States. That's how French traveler, historian, and political thinker Alexis De Tocqueville got to know the country back in the early 19th century. In all his travels, he wrote everything that he witnessed as much as possible on his journal: the actions, the mentality, the academics, the family structure, the religion, the economy, the way governments were run by the people and everything that he can get his hands on. And it was all compiled into one book: Democracy in America. (Although the original title was different, this one is a modern one).

In this present time, many people are so busy trying to make a living for themselves and for their family. Oftentimes we have to balance work, family, leisurely time, and friends that we don't have time to explore our great nation. The only time that our country is exposed to us is our 6 o'clock news. But the news programs always reports negative stories that we think that society is falling apart everyday. They rarely report positive stories that can enlighten us and give us comfort and joy.

But now there is a modern day Alexis De Tocqueville. One who is passionate about this country and one where he is rediscovering the many people that we don't know who are continuing to make this country great. He also brings humor to the mix and he is dedicated in helping Americans know their country in a positive way. And this time, he's an American himself. His name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney aka Larry the Cable Guy.

As a veteran comedian from the group Blue Collar Comedy, Larry the Cable Guy has enjoyed success with sold out solo venues and five Hollywood movies. Now he has ventured into television, and the show that he started is called Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. Only in America features Larry traveling around the country meeting new people that are doing things that are unique to the everyday viewers. He goes around to the educational institutions, the scientific community, the tourism areas, the culinary arts, getting to know our transportation system, etc. But the most valued piece he has done is the people he meets and the friendship he makes. It is so rewarding that we can witness the kindness of the people who live in parts of America where it is a total tradition to be compassionate to others. For example, somewhere in Kansas City on one of the episodes, Larry goes to the famous secret Santa organization where he witnessed a man dressed as Santa and starts giving out money in the thousands of dollars to unsuspecting people. They go inside a thrift shop where many customers are trying to find the best gifts for the Christmas season. From there, they give out the money just like that and to tell the individuals to always pass the kindness to other people. The people were so surprised and speechless. They had tears of joy. And this act of kindness happens traditionally every year. Just to see that kind of segment makes me appreciate this country more.

We really cannot base our knowledge of this country just solely on mainstream news. We really cannot generalize the country because of one experience in one part of the nation. If we really want to get to know this country and its people, we have to start making a goal of traveling in all 50 States to properly observe the cultural atmosphere, just like Alexis De Tocqueville and Larry the Cable Guy. And if we start doing that, we help ourselves and we help other people knowledgeably. And at the same time, we have fun exploring.


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