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Onscreen Husbands Who Melt Every Woman`s Heart

Updated on August 17, 2020
Nxumalo Laurika profile image

Laurika Nxumalo is a freelance academic research writer. She writes on a wide range of topics.


Most women have fictional crushes, regardless of whether it is Pride and Prejudices' Mr. Darcy or Insurgent's Four. The two of them are very sexy men to have an infatuation on, but neither of them would make for a very good husband, which would make divorce unavoidable. However, there are some on-screen husbands who depict the kind of man women should be looking to spend eternity with – even though such perfect men might not exist, we at least will have an idea of the kind of attributes we should be looking for in a man who would make a wonderful husband. Here are seven on-screen husbands who women would want to marry in reality and live happily ever after.

  • John Rolfe (played by Christian Bale) – The New World (2005)

John Rolfe fell in love with a young widow after she had lost her first love and he ultimately marries her. In the scenes that he appears in, Rolfe depicts a patient and loving man who supports his lover until the end when the love between them is tested.

  • Paul Child (played by Stanley Tucci) – Julie & Julia (2009)

As the saying goes, ‘behind a great man, there is a good woman,’ the same can go in reverse. Paul Child was a compassionate and loving husband who was always by his wife`s (Julia) side even before she rose to prominence. Even after becoming famous, Paul kept being a supportive husband to his wife, he, unlike some men did not become jealous of his wife`s stardom.

  • Duke (played by James Garner) – The Notebook (2004)

Duke depicts how love surpasses the most shattering circumstances. Duke`s wife, Allie had Alzheimer’s, but despite such circumstance Duke never got tired of constantly reading their love stories to Allie. This completely gives us the true meaning of the ‘in sickness and in health’ matrimonial vow.

  • Gerry Kennedy (played by Gerard Butler) – P.S. I Love You (2007)

Holly is one of those of those women who are difficult to deal with, but Gerry handled her mood swings and tantrums in a humorous and fun way. Gerry`s love for Holly even surpasses the afterlife – he kept on leaving notes around for his wife to help her in carrying on with life without him.

  • Prince Albert (played by Rupert Friend) – The Young Victoria (2009)

For one to become a queen`s husband you have to be a very humble and a very strong man – Albert becomes exactly that to Victoria. The love Albert has for Victoria helps him understand the queen`s and it even helps him understand her needs in the position that she is in. Albert and Victoria`s love story is heart-warming, and it clearly shows how Victoria greatly depends on her husband’s love and support to help her in carrying a responsibility as heavy as governing a kingdom as a young woman. Not only did Albert love and support Victoria but also he helped her in building her self-confidence – Albert is the kind of husband who would move and earth for his wife.

  • Michael Green (played Andy Garcia) – When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)

This on-screen husband, Michael Green comes across as being a bit weak when it comes to confronting his wife about her addiction – he fails to be stern because he loves her too much. However, what stand out about him is that he stands by his wife through the whole addiction ordeal. Michael depicts the true meaning of the ‘for better or for worse’ vow of marriage that many married people forget as soon as trouble occurs

  • Walter Fane (played by Edward Norton) – The Painted Veil (2006)

Kitty cheats on Walter – instead of getting angry with her, Walter decides to take his unfaithful wife to China. It looks like a punishment of some sort and Walter probably thought of that at first but it is evident that he loves his wife dearly and wants them to fix their marriage. The message that Walter sends out is that if two married people are willing to personally reflect on their mistakes and forgive each other than their marriage can survive any storm.

It is time women stopped falling for the transformed movie bad boys and start fantasizing about the movie husbands who are loving, thoughtful, and compassionate – husbands who personify LOVE.


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