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Annual Open Air Music Festivals In Lithuania

Updated on February 13, 2011

Blues Nights in Varniai

The weather simply doesn't matter. Who has been to Blues Nights once, will return next year.
The weather simply doesn't matter. Who has been to Blues Nights once, will return next year. | Source

Bliuzo Naktys (Blues Nights)

Takes place at Lukstas lake near Varniai, Lithuania in the beginning of July. Since 1993.

Lithuania has many good and talented musicians who want to play blues and improvise – that is how the festival started. Since 1996, the Blues Nights is international festival, which involves not only the best Lithuanian blues, rock, rock-n-roll singers, but also guests from all over the world

Democratic atmosphere and live music attracts thousands of different people from students to busninesmen or politicians.

Thousands of people of different age return to the festival again and again, year after year, never mind the weather, put up tents in the lawn and forest, communicate, play ball games, swim in the lake, and of course listen to the music at nights.

Traditionally big pot of bouillabaisse is served for visitors, made on campfire right there and other activities are included into program, such as the record of the biggest bed for hundreds of people.

The official website of the festival




Takes place in Norviliskes, near Salcininkai, Lithuania, really close to Belorusian border in last weekend of June. Since 2007

That is a great 3 days lasting festival of music and arts. It is not related to any special music style and open to different styles, speaking not only about music.

Local environment fascinates everyone. Visitors from the whole Lithuania and abroad gathers there and falls to an absolute relaxation atmosphere, surrounded by nonstop live music and other happy people together spending days and nights searching for inspiration or simple joy.

The program of art and entertainment is carefully planned. In the festival area there are visual arts, extreme sport activities, social projects, chill out zones, circus and many other things for the best relax being together.

Festival Be2gether gathers thousands of people for being together despite their nationality, age or religion believes. Music opens borders. Be together.

Website of the festival

Kilkim Žaibu


Kilkim Žaibu (Arise with Thunder)

Takes place on Lukstas lake near Varniai, Lithuania in June. Since 1999.

Shortly described as Baltic Folk Pagan Black Metal festival, it is the festival, comprising of the most extreme forms of music, with archaic folklore and the accents of Baltic history. Unconventional name reflects the spirit of this extraordinary event. Festival‘s challenge – unity of contemporary extreme music, pagan and black metal genres with the ethnic culture of the Balts.

In program included such activities as medieval warfare, crafs, archery, ancient team-games which are now forgotten by the majority of Lithuanians themselves, ancient beer production process.

Organizers describe the spirit of the event by the following: waiting for the battle, excitement, blood, pain, anger, sewn, aggression, euphoria of victory, joy, fun, unrestrained emotions ... We take all that from the past and nowaday and combine everything into a single vibrating matter with the slogan "Let‘s arise"! With the weapon of thunder – lightning blade.

The event is not „pagan“ as it is fashionable to say. We are living today and we will never be such as our predecessors. But we are trying to save what is still alive in us. Everything is based on a respect for our ancestors, our own country love, Homeland.

Official website

Mėnuo Juodaragis


Mėnuo Juodaragis (Black Horned Moon)

The festival takes place in the island of Zarasai lake, Lithuania. The days of festival - last weekend of summer: before the dying Summer veil falls. Since 1995.

The festival of post-folklore, alternative music and contemporary Baltic culture delights its visitors with an archaic and modern music from Baltic lands and Europe, presenting various musical styles and dedicated performances. The program includes arts and films, dances and rituals, joyful ancient Crafts' yard, pagan rites, also plenty of good home made beer, tournaments, fires, waters and falling stars.

More and more visitors gather to the festival each year for whispering nostalgic adieu all together  to fading Summer and greetings for new starlit Autumn.

This festival is both – remembering the old and forgotten traditions and presenting nowadays Baltic culture. It enables crowds of people to experience the power of past traditions and strength of mythological and magical World Tree.

Official website

Velnio Akmuo

Puntukas stone. The legend says, it was carried by devil in order to destroy  Anyksciai church.
Puntukas stone. The legend says, it was carried by devil in order to destroy Anyksciai church.

Velnuo Akmuo (Devil's Stone)

Takes place in the valley of Sventoji river, near Anyksciai, Lithuania, one weekend in the middle of July. First festival at 2009.

The Devil`s Stone festival presents various heavy music styles like melodious heavy, deep black, fierce death, sharp trash, melancholic doom and gothic, rich progressive as well as other various experimental variations that cannot be framed by any specific music style. In addition to this, the old good rock there is also waken up.

This is festival of freedom of expression and source of inspiration.

The Devil`s Stone name of the festival is related with famous legend of Anyksciai region, where the biggest and most famous stone in Lithuania Puntukas is found. The legend says that one night the stone was carried by devil in order to ruin a local church. Though the devil was too slow as sun started rising a cook piped up forcing the evil to throw the stone aside and run away immediately.

Interesting fact - the festival takes place in the valley of river Sventoji: the Lithuanian name of the river means Holly.

Official website of the festival Pity, English version still is not ready yet, but the names of participants and numerous pictures gives good idea about the festival.


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