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Opera Singer Prince Poppycock America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 23, 2010

Can Poppycock Win the Fifth Season of AGT?

Opera singer Prince Poppycock has emerged as a favorite contestant for the fifth season of America's Got Talent. Poppycock, an opera singer with the performance skills of a Broadway star, has gained popularity due to his stage presence and performance skills in addition to his considerable opera singing talent.

Poppycock is arguably not as good of a singer as Neal Boyd, the opera singer who won the third season of AGT, or Barbara Padilla, the runner up for America's Got Talent's fourth season. Indeed, some may even think that this season's 10-year-old Jackie Evancho is preferable as an opera singer. However, Prince Poppycock is more than an opera singer. In short, he is also a showman. Even many fans who tend to dismiss the opera contestants in this talent show have taken a liking to Poppycock due to his stage persona.

However, how far can his white stage paint and fancy costumes take him? I believe it won't take him to a championship. In the end, every show has producers, directors and other personnel that can provide the costumes and other creative ideas. America's Got Talent, despite some occasional head-scratching results, is still a talent show. And Poppycock's relative lack of talent in his craft compared to the level of talent or "wow factor" of some of his competitors will likely prevent him from winning this season of America's Got Talent.

When judging the likelihood that a contestant will win a national talent contest, it is difficult but not impossible to isolate the most important factors that get people to pick up the phone or go online and vote for a contestant. Surely, flashy performances like those of Prince Poppycock's can take a contestant a long way. However, substance generally wins over flash. And the bitter truth is Prince Poppycock is not even the best opera singer this season. Carlos Aponte was the best opera singer this season, but the show decided to go with Poppycock, perhaps for his showmanship. But when doing that, the show in no way expected to be picking a winner. Simply put, Poppycock is there for ratings. He very clearly lacks the power of an opera singer -- the kind of power that impresses both fans and non-fans of opera.

Some contestants like flash or gimmicks over substance, and America's Got Talent is good at trying to please everybody if it's good at anything. Poppycock appeals to Broadway lovers, some opera lovers and those generally impressed by the visual parts of an act instead of the actual substance of the talent. Those with short attention spans love Poppycock because of the visual aspects of his performances. But this appears to be a minority of the voting public.

In fact, more voters tend to gravitate more toward the intrinsic talent level of an act when it comes to picking a winner. Bianca Ryan and Neal Boyd were the best singers in their seasons, and that's why they won. Terry Fator is arguably the best ventriloquist in the world. That's why he won. Kevin Skinner is a bit of a mystery. Technically, he was not the best singer in my opinion. But there is an exception to every rule. Kevin seems to be that exception.

In a very weak season like last season turned out to be, Prince Poppycock could well emerge as the favorite. But strictly from a talent level, he has serious competition to contend with this season. Michael Grimm and Alice Tan Ridley are amazing, soulful singers, Fighting Gravity is one of the most unique acts ever on the show, and fellow opera singer Jackie Evancho, while probably not as good as Poppycock technically, has mass appeal because she is so shockingly good for her age. Any of these contestants could beat out Prince Poppycock.

In the end, Poppycock is a great showman and a quality singer of opera. But he is a step below in the singing department (at least from a "popular vote" perspective) compared to Michael Grimm and Alice Tan Ridley. Additionally, Fighting Gravity and Jackie Evancho have a bigger shock or uniqueness factor to their performances. Prince Poppycock is definitely in the mix and will likely advance to the finals. But once he hits the finals, the competition is simply too fierce at the top. He will make it to the final night of the fifth season of America's Got Talent but fall short of the championship.


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    • supercibor profile image

      Hector Herrera 7 years ago from Dominican Republic

      This is a big revelation for me.

    • profile image

      HI MOM 7 years ago

      lol. someone has a crush on michael grimm. Joes aside. I would definately pay to see prince poppycock, i would never pay to see michael grimm. He's not that special he sounds alot like other singers. Been there done that. *yawn*

    • profile image

      Simone 7 years ago

      Tell me he can't sing anything but opera now, and I'll laugh in your face. ;D Sucks being wrong, ay, Jimmy boy?

    • profile image

      LIsa 7 years ago

      Prince Poppycock is really talent.I never missed his performance but I can miss the others. I agree with Pam and Simone. I would pay to see Poppycock only.

      Poppycock will be the champion,drop your prejudice Jimmy Boyd!

    • profile image

      Simone 7 years ago

      You're crazy right DMC? At $75 a ticket I'd spend every night at one of his shows! That in my opinion is too cheep. I'd pay far more to see him then Fighting Gravity. I'd maybe see them once, but there lame dark tricks get very old very fast. Prince Poppycock is different and amazing every time.

      Bill. I love you. :) Jimmy means well, but in this case he has not a clue what he is talking about.

    • profile image

      Bill 7 years ago

      Jimmy Boyd, you don't know what talent is. You're the quintessential cultural IGNORAMUS. This article was written by someone who is even less than a moron.

    • thoughts of DCM profile image

      thoughts of DCM 7 years ago

      Poppycock obviously has talents and he is to be applauded for sharing them with the public. Not being an opera lover I can still appreciate what someone has endured to reach the level of that talent. His expertise at make-up and sense of design, color and showmanship are not to be over-looked and should be appreciated. That being said I don't see him as a one hour show at $75.00 a ticket. I do however, see Fighting Gravity as exactly that. Fresh and clever with endless possibilities given the proper direction and production assistance.

    • profile image

      Matt 7 years ago

      I would like to say first off that when it comes to who will win the competition this year I do not believe that Poppycock will win. That being said I do believe Poppycock will make it the top 5. I respect your opinion on Poppycock's singing ability, and I do believe that there are better opera singers out there. However Poppycock is a great opera singer, and I take this from all of his performances, not just his finals performances. Since he arrived I have felt that he was one of; if not the best technical opera singers that has performed on the AGT stage. Not to mention his stage presense; while you mention other opera singers that have shown up throughout this season, only Poppycock has been able to actually sing opera, and actually move around without it affecting his performance. His stage presense is flashy and over the top but that really goes well with the personification that he has made for himself. Basically while I respect your opinion on this, I will be very dissappointed if Poppycock does not make it further than the other singers, because as Pierre's mentioned this is a million dollar prize we're talking about here and the singers currently on this show, excluding Poppycock, are not million dollar performers

    • profile image

      Simone 7 years ago

      Well, if people really eat up blogs made out of zero knowledge of the subject matter at hand then more power to you. I pity the people that share your baseless views. As a writer please accept my constructive criticism when I ask you to include some facts in your blog. Also, don't pretend to know what you are talking about, because people like Pam and I take notice, and you end up looking like a buffoon.

    • Jimmy Boyd profile image

      Jimmy Boyd 7 years ago from Vernon, TX, USA


      See. That's the thing. I don't have to be anyone to have an opinion. You also stated your opinion. So who are you? LOL. See how silly that is? We all are entitled to an opinion. I'm not insulting yours, so chill out.

    • Jimmy Boyd profile image

      Jimmy Boyd 7 years ago from Vernon, TX, USA


      Thanks for your opinion. Now don't criticize me personally just because I also have an opinion. I rather enjoyed it, though. He he. Doesn't bother me one bit. Write your own blog if you don't like it.

    • profile image

      Simone 7 years ago

      Wow. I'd like to see what you have accomplished that makes you such an "expert" on opera, and opera singers. You said a whole lot of steam but have failed to provide any reader with CLEAR facts. How is Prince Poppycock a weak opera singer? I find his performances, especially of 'I Pagliacci' to be incredible. This of course is my opinion. He moves me personally. Gives my family goose bumps. Opera has been our music of choice since my great great grandmother. I am no expert, but it is what I have listened to 90% of my whole life. If I find him to be talented and a damn good singer, that doesn't mean I have a short attention span that just gawks at whatever colorful figures run around on my television screen. Thank for insulting your readers that just so happen to be fans. He is a wonderful performer, even when sick. He does what Neal did not, and possibly could not do. With every song we are gifted with a well put together performance. I could go on and on of course, but you are quite possibly the most closed minded blogger I have ever come across. There is a way to state your opinion without being an insulting individual.

    • profile image

      pam 7 years ago

      I think his voice is better than Michael Grimm's and who are you to say he is not a quality opera singer? It is not his physical appearance that makes him a star, but his voice and the way he carries himself. Few people have this talent. I know I would pay a lot of money to see Poppycock, and I am a middle-aged woman who holds a conservative job, but knows talent when I see it. Everyone you mentioned in who had won or is competing against Poppycock would not get a penny of my money, but I would pay to see Poppycock. Why? He is special.